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5 Reasons Why People Wear Rings 

The CaratLane Edit | Beyond Accessorising: 5 Reasons Why People Wear Rings

Over recent years, you might have noticed that a lot more people are wearing rings. From the work office to your local coffee shop, it’s impossible to go outside without seeing at least a handful of people with a ring – or multiple rings – on their fingers.

So, what’s the deal with this? Let’s examine the 5 main reasons why people wear rings.

First of all, rings are being used for fashion purposes. Despite being a small accessory, a ring can really help to boost your appearance – whether you’re a woman or a man. Essentially, rings are a great way to give your outfit a complimentary boost without going over the top.

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  • To symbolize their status 

For decades, people have worn rings to symbolize their statuses. Just like watches, rings help to show off your status without directly telling people how much you paid for them! For example, it’s very common for women and men in the business world to wear expensive rings. This helps to show clients that they are successful and can be trusted.

If you browse through the Instagram pages of most major celebrities and influencers, you will also notice that they wear a lot of rings. Take Kim Kardashian, who often wears white diamond rings.

  • For luck 

According to YouGov, 9% of Americans are very superstitious. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that many of them wear rings for good luck rather than fashion purposes. The chances are, you have a friend or family member who does this, too. It’s especially common to wear lucky rings for important occasions, such as first dates and job interviews.

So, if you want to add an extra splash of luck to your life, you can’t go wrong with wearing a ring!

  • To convey beliefs

Rings are also a great tool for conveying religious beliefs. For example, Christians often wear rings with crosses on them. In addition to this, Muslims will sometimes wear rings with Allah’s name on them or messages from the Quran.

Therefore, if you’re a religious person who is passionate about your beliefs, it’s a good idea to wear a ring with a religious message on it.

  • For relationship purposes 

Lastly, rings have become a very popular relationship token. Couples young and old are now gifting each other relationship rings to wear around the house and in public. This is to show other people that they’re in a relationship and are therefore taken. Also, it’s seen as a great way to make a relationship bond even stronger than it already is.


If you have a partner whose birthday is approaching, buying them a relationship ring would be an excellent choice if you’re stuck for gift ideas.

Generally, you can find these types of rings on Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers. Or, if you want a more personal touch, you can check out your local craft stores to see if they have any handmade ones.