5 Tips for Choosing The Best Online Psychic Reading Platform

Isaura M. League


In the psychic reading industry, there has been a rise in quacks. Several readers have come up with greed at heart. They seek to gain profit while offering poor services. The process of getting the best psychic reader has increasingly become tough for most newcomers. This is not to say that the seasoned partakers of the craft can not be duped. Whether you are new or not, if not keen you can fall into the trappings of fake psychics.

There are several steps that you need to follow, especially if you are trying to get an online reading. Do not let a colorful website with beautifully written quotes coax you into getting swindled. Listed below are some of the few things you need to have in mind before spending your money on a reading

Reading Reviews

The good thing about the internet is that there is almost a review for whatever online business in existence. And because you are about to spend money you need to seek all types of reviews regarding the reader you have stumbled upon. You can never be too certain, check on both the positive and negative reviews. If the positive reviews are too generic there can be a reason to raise suspicion, if the negative outweighs the positive then you need to avoid such platforms. Apart from reading direct reviews, you can access sites that have curated lists of psychics that offer a trustworthy reading. They offer platforms that have been tested to safeguard your interest. You could check mysanantonio.com to get details on the best online platforms to visit. Furthermore, you can also seek personal recommendations. Within your circle of friends and family, you can ask for help in settling for a psychic. They are at a good point of helping you get a qualified psychic that whom they might have interacted with in the past.

Website Transparency

With hundreds of gifted psychics available, psychic reading sites make it easy for customers to pick out a psychic. A good platform will have filters like reading type, reading styles and specialities tools that might include different language options. When you go to a psychics page there is a need for them to have their picture on display which is accompanied by a bio or an audio file. This helps you zero in on the type of psychic that you’re looking for. The web page can help you to understand the background of the reader. Some websites use the compare feature. You can click on a couple of different psychics and be able to compare them with their tools and their specialities. 

Experience Levels

Just like any other profession, there is a need to settle for a psychic who has been in the industry for several years. For you to know how long they have been working you can ask them directly over the phone. In addition, you can also check their website and check how long the platform has been in existence. Finally, you can do a quick review check and read about how most people perceive the psychics’ level of experience.

Check the Rates

When looking for a psychic you also need to have your budget in mind. The charges might vary from one psychic to the next due to several factors. It might be due to the demand of a particular psychic or due to their many years of experience. No matter the reason you need to settle on a price before making a booking. You are advised to make comparisons too to ensure you are not being played into paying outrageous fees. You should not use price rates as the only measure for sticking to a particular psychic.


Online reading as opposed to physical reading is a more convenient way for people with a busy lifestyle. They don’t always have time to sit down at a psychics’ office but can easily use a phone or a computer. For some psychics, they have made it their mission to be readily available for their clients to an extent of hosting live Q and A events where you can see how the psychics answer questions and get an idea of what to expect. Everyone who gets a reading is encouraged to leave honest feedback, and rate their experience.

Always do your research beforehand, to make sure that you get involved with the best psychic in the industry. This will not only prevent you from wasting money but also ensure you enjoy a holistic experience.


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