6 Trendiest Sports Clothing Brands In Sweden 2021

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The fashion sector is evolving quickly, not only in terms of equipment but also in terms of which nations are at the pinnacle of the outdoor brands ranking.

Here are a few of the brands that are working to put Sweden on the map.

  • Fjällräven

Fjällräven was established in 1959 in the small Swedish village of örnsköldsvik, where mountains and woods meet the sea.

It is a brand that produces outdoor gear and accessories to make nature more accessible to more people.

It emphasises simplicity and convenience in true Swedish fashion, and we have high regard for the environment.

The Swedish outdoor clothing company is committed to environmental sustainability and raising public awareness of its impact.

Fjallraven is best known for its glitzy backpacks.

The outdoor retailer, on the other hand, sells windbreakers, jackets, trousers, and tees with a distinctly Swedish style and aesthetic.

JD Sports is almost a similar brand that offers a whole package of training essentials, from training clothes to shoes.

Also, you can hop on Omdomesstalle.se and gain some insight into the different Swedish companies to get your sports ware from.

  • Cheap Monday.

Cheap Monday was founded on the outskirts of Stockholm by rjan Andersson and Adam Friberg as a second-hand clothing store.

During the early days of the label, the company was known as Weekday.

While the brand concept was later changed to “Cheap Monday,” this stems from the possibility that the store was only open on Sunday.

The distinctive, monochrome skull logo has now become the company’s most recognisable signature look, and it can be found on a wide range of denim, flannel shirts, and tees.

In 2002, H&M paid USD 92 million for a 60% stake in the company.

  • Très-Bien

In Malmö, Sweden, Très-Bien began as a well-stocked men’s clothing retail outlet.

In this regard, it is presumably still the most well-known.

Nonetheless, a few years ago, the shop launched its iconic in-house label, which quickly captured the hearts of men’s clothing influencers all over the world.

Sleek and modern design elements, as well as classic silhouettes, are amplified through unexpected novel strategies.

Colour schemes that will go with your clothes and complement everything else in your wardrobe.

When you have as much knowledge and experience in what sells as these guys do, it’s no surprise that they can deliver exactly what some people want.

  • Houdini

Houdini is an eco-friendly outdoor clothing company that specialises in extreme sportswear.

Given its emphasis on environmental sustainability, the high-quality Scandinavian company uses many of the most cutting-edge fabrics and textiles.

Surpass 2.5L hardshell tech from the company, for example, outperforms all tech-core raw materials.

In addition, users can rent the brand’s top-of-the-line equipment.

Furthermore, because the majority of Houdini’s clothing is made from recycled materials, the company makes waves with its eco-friendly quest as well as its achievement credentials.

  • Haglöf

Coming from Sweden, a country known for its harsh weather and vast landscape, Haglöf discovers with genuine curiosity and a commitment to producing gear that will aid anyone on any adventure.

From a stroll through the woods to the peak of a mountain.

The foundation of Haglöf’s legacy is an innovative mindset.

Wiktor Haglöf, a woodworker by trade, was determined to create a backpack that would withstand the necessary journeys across the country, regardless of the circumstances.

The company has evolved from humble beginnings, as have its product lines.

It strives for continuous improvement and forays into uncharted territory, developing technical designs that set the standard in artisanship.

Haglöf is also committed to doing everything possible to ensure that future generations can enjoy the wilderness.

Haglöf has set a new level of mastery, but they, like Wiktor, are investing in research and development.

They genuinely believe that everyone, regardless of weather, can enjoy the outdoors.

  • Tretorn

Tretorn was founded in 1891 as a rubber shoe manufacturing company in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Tretorn aspires to inspire an engaged daily life outside, regardless of the weather or season – in nature and in cities.

Tretorn aspires to be an innovative forerunner, deeply rooted in a legendary Swedish legacy while maintaining a modern perspective.

It is constantly defying convention to bring new products and services to buyers’ modern lifestyles.

Since then, the company’s product line has expanded to include sports and recreation shoes, such as the well-known Nylite model.


Outdoor clothing brands fight each year to produce increased quality and different designs, and these Swedish brands have proven to be exceptional.

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