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Silvana Mojica is the latest girlfriend of Dave Portnoy. Since they’ve been dating, they’ve been the talk of the town. As a result, she’s become more popular and people want to know about her. If you don’t know much about the beautiful influencer, that’s alright because we do. Check out our list of interesting Silvana facts below!

She’s A Model

By profession, Silvana is a model, which is one of the most well-known things about her. Looking at her social media, you can tell she loves clothes and isn’t afraid to show them off. She’s been in exciting campaigns and has various companies that want to engage with her as a model such as Fashion Nova. She has also worked as the brand ambassador for Strike Magazine. As of last year, she has worked on many new projects with jewelry brands and the company that her boyfriend is known for which is Barstool Sports.

Born In Columbia, South America

Silvana Mojica was born in Columbia, South America, but she currently lives in Florida. She’s lived in a few different areas, but Florida is where she’s been staying as of lately and where she met Portnoy.

Silvana Doesn’t Talk About Her Parents

When it comes to her parents, you’ll find that Silvana is reserved and doesn’t share much, if anything, about them. Her social media doesn’t much pictures of her parents as she wants to respect their privacy. She does, however, talk about her sister Valeria. Many of her fans appreciate the fact that she wants to keep her family private.

She’s A Christian

Silvana is open about the fact that she’s a Christian. Many of her fans have found this interesting, and it’s one of the facts that fans first learned about her as her life became more public.

Silvana Is Well Educated

Silvana Mojica is well-educated. She studied at West Orange High School before moving to Valencia College and Florida State University. As a result, she’s got a BA in marketing. No doubt, her studies have helped her achieve the status she holds today. Through her studies, she was able to advance herself and obtain a variety of different opportunities. She first worked for a fashion company early in her career and became a junior account manager after graduation. After this, she went with another company and became an account executive.

An Impressive Net Worth

Through her endeavors, she has amassed a net worth estimated at around three million, and it’s only getting bigger. This is due to the social media contracts she has obtained and her work from other avenues. It is guessed that she will have four or five within the next year.

Silvana And Dave Portnoy

Silvana is dating David Portnoy, best known for his role at Barstool Sports. Rumors about the two began in March of last year. Pictures were published of them hanging out and then she posted photos of the themselves on social media. Fans immediately jumped on the possibility of the two being more than just friends. Since they’ve admitted to being together, the couple has gone pubic on social media.

In recent times, her boyfriend has been accused of being violent with women and performing acts of misconduct. The women have kept their identities private for their protection. He has vehemently denied these allegations and stated that woke culture wanted to cancel him. Fans have been divided on whether or not they believe him about the accusations, and he’s been getting a lot of negative energy online. Silvana has remained with him through all of this.

She Loves Traveling And Pets

Two of Silvana Mojica’s favorite things are pets and traveling. As a self-described foodie, she enjoys traveling to new areas and discovering new restaurants to eat at. If she’s at a party, she is known to have a drink or two. The thrill of discovery makes Silvana happy and excited, so when she travels, you’ll find her with her friends snapping pictures. In particular, she likes to stay connected with her school friends and those she met in college.

Her love of pets is well-known on her social media as well. She has many pictures of her dog displayed, and fans love how adorable her photographs are. Silvana adopted the dog she currently owns.

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