A Peek Into the Last Week (+ my goals for this week!)

Isaura M. League

I love this picture so much! It captures her personality so perfectly!

I found this picture of the two older girls with Jesse at a Father-Daughter dance many years ago.

This boy doesn’t want to sit back when we go on walks now. He wants to take everything in all around him!

Almost to the third trimester!! I keep hearing from people who don’t follow my Instagram stories and posts closely who write in and say, “Wait, are you pregnant again??!” And I realized I probably should post another pregnancy update here!

This has definitely been a pregnancy filled with interesting twists and turns. Honestly, it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been way more nauseous than any of my four other pregnancies. And months upon months of incessant nausea — first the first trimester nausea and then acid reflux nausea — well, it definitely stretches you and can wear you down.

But I keep thinking of women who have HG and throw up multiple times a day every day their entire pregnancy or those who have debilitating nausea for much less exciting reasons and it helps me have a better attitude and a perspective shift. Any time I have a little relief from the nausea, I’m just so grateful — even if it just lasts for an hour! I’m trying to be super, super careful with what I eat and with taking really good care of myself and that does help at least a little.

Another piece of the “adventure” has been the ongoing spotting/bleeding issues I’ve had with this pregnancy. First it was unexplained bleeding (in my first trimester), then it was my placenta, and now they believe it’s likely related to me having a low-lying placenta. I go back for another sonogram next week and we’ll see if my placenta has moved in the right direction or not. There’s a decent possibility I’m going to have placenta previa based upon how things are moving… but I’m trusting God and so grateful to have made it this far without any major emergency bleeding episode.

I’m grateful that my OB has been so calm but also wise about everything. I honestly have such peace about however things turn out and what the next 10-12 weeks might hold. I’m trusting God for each day, praying for protection over this baby, and just trying to do a good job of resting, getting good nutritious food (as best as I can stomach it!), and filling my mind with truth/encouragement.

So there’s a pregnancy update for the many who have requested it! Thanks for being such great cheerleaders and prayer warriors!

My 6 Goals for Last Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post on 50 Things You Don’t Have to Pay For.
  • Rewrite/edit chapters 1 and 2 of my next book.

My 6 Goals for This Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post on 20 Ways to Save Money on Meat.
  • Rewrite/edit chapters 3-6 of my next book.

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