14/07/2024 1:08 PM


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A Suit Jacket Over a Sweatsuit? That’s Just the Pete Davidson Way

A Suit Jacket Over a Sweatsuit? That’s Just the Pete Davidson Way

With each passing season, it’s become trickier to predict what funnyman-about-town Pete Davidson might wear next. First there was his well-documented love of vibrant streetwear and otherwise outlandish threads. Then came the Thome Browne dress and a slew of other more tailored looks when he was practically living on a red carpet alongside ex-flame Kim Kardashian. Now, he’s landed somewhere in the middle: wearing a suit jacket over a sweatsuit to a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Chopard’s new luxurious Fifth Avenue store. Not hugely surprising: it’s a killer look that Davidson pulls off with ease. 

The look comes from Brendon Babenzien’s Noah, a label also great at mixing dressier American prep with a streetwise sensibility. The star of the outfit is a herringbone sack jacket made in collaboration with Fox Brothers, a storied British label that has been in the wool business since 1772. Davidson wears it over a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants made from the cozy brushed-back fleece that has become a perennial staple in Noah collections. The fit of everything is pitch-perfect, with the right amount of slouch in the jacket and the sweats relaxed but not billowing. Davidson elevates it further with a Chopard Mille Miglia watch and some very 2000s-looking classes from the Los Angeles brand Bonnie Clyde.

While the comedian has certainly gotten more comfortable in a suit as of late, this feels like an especially Davidson look. And a more standard-fare move, of course, would have been to wear the suit jacket with matching pants. But opting to pair it with a sweatsuit instead is precisely what one wants from the king of hoodies and sneakers. In 2022, there are a million different ways to get suited up—and going with sweatpants and a suit jacket is just the Pete Davidson way. 

Noah herringbone sack jacket

Noah herringbone single-pleat suit pants