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Achieving Bright and Blemish-Free Skin with GRAYMELIN’s Yellow Food Duo – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog


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It’s common knowledge that Vitamin C offers skin-brightening benefits, and that yellow foods are packed with this essential nutrient. Using extracts from nourishing yellow foods including lemons, bananas and mangoes, skin care powerhouse GRAYMELIN has created a minimalistic yet multi-tasking line that promises to refresh, revitalize and protect skin all at once. Given how weak and dull-looking my skin is at the moment, I gave the line a try.

My skin care goals are simple – to find products that provide a revitalizing boost without causing aggravation. This has proven to be a trial and error process. Often, I would find a serum or toner that delivers an instant glow, only to be let down by an allergic skin reaction.

I’ve tried GRAYMELIN’s products before, like the skin-purifying Canola Crazy Cleansing Oil (discussed in this Small Talk post), the Centella 50 Regeneration Natural Toner and the Vita Yuja Cleansing Oil (read my review here), and so far the products have satisfied my skin needs. This brings us to the Yellow Food Toner and Yellow Food Serum, two skin brighteners with a gentle touch.

Would two weeks of regular usage of this Yellow Food duo reveal the clear and bright skin that I crave? Given my love for the brand’s other products, I expect that my skin is in for a treat.

In a nutshell: Lightweight and quick-absorbent, this bestselling GRAYMELIN toner is powered by a range of naturally derived ingredients, including Vitamin C-rich citrus grandis fruit water and Yellow 7 Complex (containing extracts from seven yellow fruits and vegetables with brightening benefits). The formula is bolstered by tried-and-true skin care heroes such as niacinamide and allantoin, which work with Vitamin C to tone up skin. Due to its citrusy formulation, the toner gives off a zesty lemon scent that’s a treat for the senses, especially in the morning.

Major ingredients: Citrus grandis (grapefruit) fruit water, pumpkin extract, grapefruit extract, banana extract, lemon extract, orange extract, mango extract, capsicum extract, licorice root extract, niacinamide, allantoin

What I love about it: GRAYMELIN products always impress me with their gentle formulas, and this toner is no exception. Unlike a few brightening toners I’ve previously sampled, this Yellow Food Toner didn’t sting my sensitive skin at all. My persistent facial redness even abated slightly throughout this two-week trial.

The best thing about this toner was how it provided an immediate hit of hydration while gradually revealing long-term benefits, such as a more even-toned finish. At the end of the trial, my skin had lost that grayish tinge, and acquired a softer, more refined look.

Reservations: Although I love the gentle formula, I wish it was slightly more potent. For those whose skin is looking lackluster, this toner is the perfect pick-me-up. But if you’re looking to banish persistent dullness, it’s probably wise to manage your expectations, as the results from using this product will be subtle rather than transformative.

In a nutshell: Touted as the key to bright and healthy-looking skin that can withstand external aggressors, the GRAYMELIN Yellow Food Serum is chock-full of the line’s hero ingredients, such as citrus grandis fruit water and Yellow 7 Complex. Its lightweight texture absorbs swiftly into skin, leaving no sticky after-feel. Formulated free of artificial colorants and fragrances, the serum contains only natural ingredients. Its pale yellow tinge is derived from its high concentration of citrus-based ingredients.

Major ingredients: Citrus grandis (grapefruit) fruit water, turmeric fruit extract, pumpkin extract, grapefruit extract, banana extract, lemon extract, orange extract, mango extract, capsicum extract, carrot root extract, bergamot fruit oil

What I love about it: Again, I could go on all day about how gentle it is. The lightweight formula in a watery texture felt just right on skin – cooling, comforting and not too runny. When teamed with the toner, this serum brought about subtle shifts to my skin, including a newfound clarity and luminosity. While stubborn hyperpigmentation didn’t go away overnight, my skin appeared brighter and healthier after two weeks of usage, despite the many hours I spent in the sun.

Reservations: Like the Yellow Food Toner, this serum is formulated to deliver a gentle boost rather than the kind of glow-up associated with sheet masks. While I’m more than happy at how it made my sensitive skin clear and bright without causing irritation, some may find it on the lightweight side, especially if you have less temperamental skin than mine.

My Final Verdict:

There’s plenty to love about GRAYMELIN’s Yellow Food duo, from the inclusion of high-quality, naturally derived ingredients to the gentle formulas catering to every skin type. While the results fell a little short of game-changing, the toner and serum deliver bona fide brightening benefits without compromising on skin-soothing capabilities. On this basis, I’m adding them to my skin care rotation, although I’ll be switching things up with alternatives and add-ons, including exfoliating toners, heavy-duty serums and the occasional bubble mask.

My experience this time round has intensified my interest in other GRAYMELIN products I’ve yet to sample. On top of my wish list is the Turmeric Cream, which is formulated with turmeric root extract and cypress water to promote bright and resilient skin. I’m also curious about The Last Frontier Alaska Glacier Water 85% Natural Toner and the brand’s Red Food and Green Food lines, which promise skin care benefits ranging from deep hydration to anti-wrinkle care. My list includes some springtime essentials from GRAYMELIN too, like the Fresh Cherryblossom Cleansing Oil, the Sun Block UV Shield, and the brand’s foray into body care – the Pink Salt Body Scrub To Foam.


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