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Amazon Toddler Accessories I Can’t Travel Without


One of my favorite things to do is travel as a family. We travel quite a bit for work, and fun, we have tried so many different gadgets I wanted to put a list together of my tried and true favorites. There have been so many amazing travel accessories for kids over the years that make traveling so much easier.


The Doona stroller (stroller/carseat combo) is one of the ultimate baby buys we used every single day when we first had Ollie and the Donna Trike is the equivalent for toddlers. After Ollie outgrew the carseat we graduated to the Doona Trike and we use it all. the. time. It’s a mix between a trike and a stroller and perfect for toddlers, both while traveling or at home running errands, going on walks, etc. It folds down to fit inside of the backpack it comes with so you can easily pack it up and throw it over your shoulder when it’s not being used. It’s super lightweight and a great carry-on size so it’s perfect for flights, road trips, or just every day use. People alwaysss stop and ask us about it. Definitely one toddler accessory that will change the way you travel.


This phone mount has been great for us to prop up our phone for our kids to watch a show in the airport or to turn on Ollie’s shows on the airplane. It clips to the tray table so ollie isn’t always touching it changing it. It’s under $25 and we even use it a to when we aren’t traveling, it’s also great for Ollie when were out and about running errands! The older kids love it too.

These scooter suitcases are genius! They are carry on size for all the kids and can attach and detach from the scooter wheel base and can even fold down into regular wheeler suitcases. It keeps the kids entertained at the airport if we have a long layover, and I love that they have a scooter to cruise around on when we are exploring on vacation. It’s definitely more of a splurge but SO worth it in my opinion. I also love how the kids can use the scooter part alone, so it’s super versatile!

I love wireless headphones for Ollie because he usually will get irritated with the cords getting tangled and taking them on and off becomes a hassle. This kid size pair is under $30 and I love how these are made for kids and has built in hearing protection so the volume can’t go too loud.

  • When Ollie outgrew the Doona stroller, I missed having such an easy way to travel with a carseat so I was beyond excited when I found this travel car seat. We usually rent a car when we travel and are out driving around and exploring a lot so having a car seat with us is a must but lugging around a big, heavy carseat was a pain. This travel car seat has been a complete game changer! It’s super lightweight and folds up into the carrying bag it comes with.For perspective the car seat weighs 8 lbs and regular car seats average 15-30 lbs. (You can also purchase it without the carrying case here – comes in multiple colors.)

Let me know if you have any love any of these travel accessories of what you’re excited to try!

xx, Christine


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