19/07/2024 12:58 PM


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Control measures in place at other malls, shops in Chinatown, Consumer News & Top Stories

There were visible crowd control measures in place – SafeEntry check-ins, temperature scanning and safe distancing ambassadors – at various stalls in Pagoda Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street when The Straits Times visited them yesterday afternoon.

No queues were observed at Chinatown Point, People’s Park Complex and People’s Park Centre, including at lunchtime.

Signs at People’s Park Complex pointed to the different entrances located on each level of the shopping mall, where those wishing to enter could check in with SafeEntry.

Some exits at People’s Park Centre were designated to be used only in the event of a fire or emergency.

Markings reminding customers to stand 1m apart from one another were seen on the ground in front of the main entrance to Chinatown Point.

There were also stickers with QR codes that customers queueing up could scan to speed up check-ins and check-outs.

Over at Pagoda Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street, staff at stalls told ST that they have been seeing safe distancing ambassadors monitoring crowds more frequently, even up to eight times a day.

At decoration shop Tai Loong Super Quality in Temple Street, the entrance and exit were well designated and a staff member on duty was there to ensure customers used SafeEntry.

“When the shop is too full, we will ask customers to wait at the entrance,” said Madam Wendy Ow, 55, who works at the shop.

“We have these measures because we are also afraid of catching Covid-19 and want to ensure that customers and staff stay safe,” she added.

Jessie Lim and Sherlyn Sim