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Creating staggering success as an influential woman entrepreneur in the vast cosmetics world

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There are a set of people who blindly follow only one aim in life and put all their efforts in that direction, whereas there are a set of other individuals who believe in doing the different and choose paths that may encounter them with different life experiences. They do this because they believe in taking up all the opportunities that may come by their way, utilizing and maximizing them to the fullest to create a better career for themselves and expand their reach, presence and name in their area of interest or the field they love. Katherine Loaiza serves as the best example of such a high-performing individual and serial entrepreneur, who believed in her dreams, carved her own path and went ahead to taste the success she always desired in the world of cosmetics.

Katherine Loaiza’s long years of experience of over 12 years has allowed her to come to the front foot of the cosmetic industry and prove the world and many other aspiring entrepreneurs in the niche that strong will and true passion helps individuals sail through even the rough waters and the hard times in life. Cosmetics and the beauty industry was something that Katherine Loaiza always had her heart hooked onto, but little did she know then that her journey would also be filled with many bumps that many take her a step back. However, this ace entrepreneur decided to fight back with her determined efforts.

Issues like bankruptcy, evolving nature of the digital space, changes in the world, and constant poking by people questioning her credibility and talent, all these things did affect her, but she overcame all of that and rose like a winner in the entrepreneurial world. Learning each day and consistently working hard led Katherine Loaiza towards owning and operating three cosmetic laboratories. These cosmetic laboratories are the ones that export products worldwide in private label lines and reach to many influencers, celebrities, and to even those who wish to create their own cosmetic lines.

The reason why we call her a serial entrepreneur is that this lady has dived deeper into the entrepreneurial world by getting into other industries as well. Today, this leading entrepreneur specializes in creating, developing, selling and expanding of cosmetic lines. Katherine Loaiza has gone ahead in making her name more prominent in the cosmetics industry as the one who possesses great talent, courage and skills in consistently creating, producing and distributing in cosmetic lines.

Today, she is all excited and elated to come up with her own cosmetics line in the form of ‘Kathedicecosmetics’. All her career, she helped other brands in their success journey, now she wishes to also focus on her brand and get her cosmetics game stronger. It is also an extension to her blog, www.Kathedice.com. The ace entrepreneur is much ahead in projects of social responsibility. @goodfeelisapp is one such project that is growing as a platform, for people to share their honest emotions where they can easily register themselves to also fight the crisis.

We wish the best to Katherine Loaiza for her cosmetics line and all the future ventures that she will be a part of. Do not forget to follow her on Instagram @katheloaiza https://instagram.com/katheloaiza?igshid=1att147yem3pi and visit the website, www.Kathedice.com to know more.

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