23/07/2024 6:20 AM


Piece of That Fashion

Fashion designer Norma Kamali talks swimwear for any age, top trends and more

The iconic fashion designer discusses some of the most popular swimwear trends.

It’s swimsuit season, and if there’s anyone who knows how to speak to the famed beach essential, it’s none other than Norma Kamali.

The iconic fashion designer has been setting trends for more than 50 years, and has crafted extraordinary looks for everyone from Cher to Diana Ross.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also bring up the legendary one-piece swimsuit she designed for Farrah Fawcett that hangs in the Smithsonian Institution.

“I believe swimwear is so popular because it also plays a role as a body suit or layering piece,” Kamali told “Good Morning America.”

These days, Kamali, author of the recent book “I Am Invincible,” remains active and continues to create head-turning swimwear looks that have most recently graced the bodies of Jennifer Lopez on the cover of InStyle magazine’s May 2021 issue as well as supermodel Ashley Graham.

Kamali, 75, opened up to “GMA” about her thoughts and many women’s fears surrounding wearing certain looks as they get older, saying, “I can understand the reluctance to show skin because collagen diminishes and the texture of the skin sags.”

She pointed out that art through the ages has unfortunately only depicted saggy skin on the elderly.

“For women, staying toned is difficult after the loss of collagen, so choices of swimwear are different,” said Kamali. “The other factor is no one should be sunbathing, so choosing more coverage is also a safety measure.”

She added, “I often swim in my cropped workout clothing, so I say anything goes!”

In January, fellow fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, 74, turned heads when she posted an empowering swimsuit selfie along with the caption, “Own your age … it’s proof you have lived. Love to everyone.”

Kamali agreed that we should see more images like Furstenberg’s and that “power through our body is an incredible statement for women.”

She also has thought about sharing a similar image on her platform, but said it would be a modest nude shot. “I feel good about my body, however, social media has us revealing enough so I decided I would stick to my workout routines instead.”

Her body-confidence tips for wearing your swimsuit proudly and fearlessly include exercising daily, eating healthy foods and using great skin care products. Her go-to’s include “an exfoliant, color moisturizer that develops in the skin and amazing moisturizer.”

When it comes to popular swimwear styles, Kamali first highlighted a classic, timeless fit like her Wonderwoman Mio one piece that features thin slip straps and a medium-cut leg design.

Next, she mentioned a “high, high leg” cut with “open sides,” similar to her Marissa one-piece. “This is a style designed in the ’70s,” said Kamali. “Marissa, who is a part of my team, saw the suit in a vintage store and swore it would be a big hit.”

While Kamali admitted to initially questioning whether it would have the same appeal that it did in the past, she said Marissa was right and the style has been a hit.

The third trend Kamali said has been popular is one like the Snake Mio Mesh she designed. “It’s designed as if a snake were wrapping around the body … an intricate pattern I am proud to say I made myself.”

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