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Fashion Rules For The Holiday Season You Need To Abide By

Fashion Rules For The Holiday Season You Need To Abide By


t’s already mid-December, which signifies one thing—holiday parties! As the invites begin to roll in, it’s normal to greet this with mixed feelings ranging from excitement to exhaustion. Excitement because who doesn’t love to party? Exhaustion because how do you keep up with all the fashion demands? If making a series of unforgettable style statements is a must this holiday season, then honoring some basic rules of fashion will help you achieve your goal.

We can all agree that the season isn’t the right time to be sleeping on your style game. Why? Well girl, you never know who you’ll bump into. From your childhood friend to that good-looking neighbor, and even your nosy Aunty, the need to let your looks make an impression is high. Whether you’re catching dinner with friends, attending the office cocktail party, having some cookie exchange with acquaintances, or any other festive get-together, some simple style guidelines can help nail your look every time and also prevent stress and indecision.

Why are fashion rules important?

Fashion is beyond throwing on some feel-good ensembles. It’s an easy way to introduce yourself even without saying a word. What’s more, fashion has a way of boosting your confidence, elevating your image, and commanding respect. Fashion is super important some rules for this holiday season are equally so. Here are a few reasons to appreciate fashion guides this season:

• It’s a great way to discover or master your style and should reflect your culture and/or beliefs.
• Setting some guidelines can help you avoid looking dated or out-of-touch with trends even as you embrace the holiday season.
• It could serve as a mode of expressing your feelings about the festivities.

Check out 5 must-respect fashion rules for the holiday season…

#1. Turn up your holiday spirits

The first thing to do is get into the holiday groove. Once it starts smelling and feeling like Christmas to you, then turn your attention to festive-style inspirations that help you interpret what you’re feeling through fashion. It’s at this point you decide the textures, tones, and overall vibe you’ll favor. For instance, do you want to lean towards neutral color palettes or would you rather experiment with little touches of silver or red to spice things up for this holiday season?

Bonus style tip: When injecting silver or red into your closet, don’t make it so prominent to avoid looking like Santa.

#2. You don’t always have to bare-it-all

It all depends on your holiday itinerary, but wearing just sassy clothes might not always work. When attending your office holiday party or dinner with your grandparents (side eye to your nieces and nephews in attendance), it is not an apt place to go on super low necklines and micro mini skirts. (I wonder if the super-cool winter hasn’t convinced you otherwise).

Rather, you can save your va-va-voom pieces for more sassy-themed outings like New Year’s with your close friends or a date night with your lover. Although there are no one-size-fits-all fashion rules for the holiday season, opt for clothes with more body coverage when going for a family get-together.

Bonus style tip: For a family-themed event, a chic dress that accentuates your features paired with sandals and a purse is simple but will have your entire family swooning over you. 

#3. Dress comfortably

Your comfort should be your biggest dress-up motivation. This holiday season focuses mainly on family time, with events like Thanksgiving dinner, office parties, visiting the grandparents, cookie exchange, and New Year drinks. If you want to be happy at all those events, choose comfortable and stylish clothing. Remember, you need an outfit that would remain comfy even after the big sumptuous meals. This is to avoid your waistband pinching or a bulging belly.

When you dress comfortably, you will focus more on enjoying the moment with your loved ones than worrying or getting distracted by your outfit.

Bonus style tip: You know now is the time to load up on all those yummy delicacies only grandma knows how to prepare before you add “weight loss” to your New Year’s resolution. To allow you to enjoy your cravings, opt for a loose-fitting outfit rather than one that hugs your body.

#4. When in doubt, all-black still works

One time or another, you will probably lack inspiration on what to wear, or perhaps, you’ve exhausted your wardrobe options because the events keep increasing. Turn to the classic head-to-toe black for a game-changing take on fashion.

An all-black-everything coordination is a surefire way to look chic and elegant. This look is the best canvas to play with accessories and accentuate even a basic outfit.

Bonus style tip: If you’re not totally comfortable rocking a single tone, especially black, there’s an easy way to add some color to liven things up. Stick to a black outfit and then use your accessories to introduce some interesting contrast using bright colors.

#5. Hop on the embellishment train

For one, the festivities are the best times to go the extra on your style. Think a sequin dress, a lush velvet jumpsuit, or a casual denim outfit with feather details fiercely popping on purpose. For daywear, limit the embellishment to one piece at a time, but in the evenings, we let it out! One of the fashion rules for the holiday season remains: “never blend in.

Bonus style tip: Although the evenings are the time to let things out, you still need to coordinate your fit in order to achieve a well-balanced and cohesive look. Therefore, keep your hair and makeup in mind when choosing the embellishments to make you sparkle. You don’t want to have so much going on and risk looking like a Christmas decoration.

General tip

This isn’t particularly a fashion rule, but a social tip we could all use. AirPods have become a fashionable item and if you’re stuck in a horrible gathering and want to block out the negativities, they come in handy with a huge “S” crested on its chest. However, during the holiday season, you want to mingle and share the joy, so it’s best to take out your AirPods. For most holiday gatherings, it could be perceived as rude to have your AirPods on. If the event isn’t giving what it should, it’s best to excuse yourself instead.


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