Fashion Walk and Asian GOLD Presents: Kingston Culture and Creativity Zone THE ORIENT

(MENAFN – The Arabian Post) A Pop-up Hub of Artistry for Local Budding Designers, Street Artists, Fashion Brand Spearheading Novel Retail Concept

HONG KONG SAR – – 27 January 2021 – Located at the heart of Hong Kong, Fashion
Walk has its fingers firmly on the pulse of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and gastronomy.
Entering 2021, Fashion Walk proudly announces its partnership with avant-garde
lifestyle label Asian GOLD, transforming the Kingston area into the pop-up “Kingston
Culture and Creativity Zone — THE ORIENT”. Spanning an area of 20,000 square feet, THE ORIENT vows to bring
together original and exclusive fashion items as well as contemporary art
pieces from all over Asia Pacific. In addition, a wide array of art initiatives
will be undertaken on a regular basis: seminars, product launches, workshops,
weekend markets, art appreciation tours, fashion coaching — to name but a few.
Customers are guaranteed a truly state-of-the-art shopping experience.

Fashion Walk proudly announces its partnership with avant-garde lifestyle label Asian GOLD, transforming the Kingston area into the pop-up “Kingston Culture and Creativity Zone — THE ORIENT”. Director – Leasing & Management of Hang Lung Properties, Ms. Bella Chhoa (left) says, “My outfit and style today is the amazing work of The ORIENT. Previously, I never tried this style, and my outfit today is totally a pleasant surprise to me! It’s inspired me to explore and experiment with different styles — this is exactly the new shopping experience we want to bring to customers at Fashion Walk. Through this novel retail concept, not only do we hope to introduce brands that customers can identify with, but also for them to get inspired by the diversity and creativity we offer at THE ORIENT, so as to broaden their horizons and further enhance their discerning taste in fashion. Founder of Asian GOLD, Philip GOLD (right) comments that THE ORIENT is a point of departure in their endeavor to promote art and culture. Under Fashion Walk’s strategic guidance, he believes that practitioners will thrive.For more photos in high resolutions, please visit:


Ground-breaking retail concept for a state-of-the-art shopping

In recent years,
online and social media has facilitated the ideation of “You are what you buy”. Customers
nowadays look beyond product quality and seek out brands that identify with
themselves in values and
beliefs. Drawing on this ecological shift on spending, Fashion walk reaffirms
its commitment to art and fashion by transforming the Kingston area, in
collaboration with like-minded Asian GOLD, into a breeding ground for art and
design talents: “Kingston Culture and Creativity Zone — THE ORIENT”. It serves
as a platform for local budding artists and designers to showcase their works
and illustrate their aesthetic at the heart of Causeway Bay, and in turn gain
career opportunities to further their pursuits.

Director – Leasing &
Management of Hang Lung Properties, Ms. Bella Chhoa remarks, “We’ve always been
a strong advocate for local art and cultural development. Over the years, we
have led many initiatives to introduce promising designers, talented street
artists and up-and-coming fashion labels to the public. The platform we have
created with Asian GOLD this time will convene lots of original brands from the
Asia-Pacific region. A myriad of diverse events will be organized in this
one-of-a-kind shopping space where brands can tell their unique stories in a
most personal way, where customers can also be fully immersed in a most unique
shopping experience.”

Philip GOLD, founder of Asian GOLD, comments,
“Based on my dialogs and collaborations with artists and designers, I guarantee
that the concept of THE ORIENT is a dream come true for every practitioner in
the art and fashion design field. The platform enables them to showcase their
brand philosophy, establishing a profound connection with customers. I am
thrilled to receive so many responses from designers who wish to get involved
in the project. To us, THE ORIENT is a point of departure in our endeavor to
promote art and culture. Under Fashion Walk’s strategic guidance, practitioners
will no doubt thrive!”

Spanning an area of 20,000 square feet, THE
ORIENT convenes over 30 renowned designers, artists, brands and other
practitioners in the field, including: Philip GOLD, Simon Chim, Vincent Li,
Pinky Sheung, Jeff Mui, Unique Yeung, Manual Oliveira, Fannie Mercury, and
Silver Alan — to name but a few.

Description of Artists and Designers

Philip GOLD

In summer 2020, Philip GOLD
partnered with Hang Lung’s fashionista hotspot Fashion Walk to establish pop-up
store “In the Name of Summer”, convening original and exclusive design and art
pieces from around Asia. The store introduced the concept of eccentricity to
the public, which became a great champion in branding and retail despite
adversities. Building on its success, the design guru launches “The ORIENT by
Philip GOLD” in an effort to showcase oriental beauty in a most avant-garde
setting under the theme of “Vintage, Contemporary, and New Designers”.

Simon Chim

Originally a household item and interior designer, Simon Chim is a local
independent designer who found international success in his own eyewear label
“chimmm……”, featuring Chinese artistry. In 2019, a Technology Invention Patent
for Lenses was granted to his “Chimask” by the National Intellectual Property
Administration, P.R. China. In 2018, Simon was the only eyewear designer from
Hong Kong who was invited to Silmo Paris 50th anniversary
celebration with other 49 fellow international designers. In 2011, he was
invited to design a series of eyewear for Zeiss lenses, where the “Man on the
Moon” series was awarded the Gran Design Etico
International Award 2012.

Vincent Li

Li, founder of eponymous fashion brand, was selected as the top 50 budding
designers in the world by the Not Just a Label campaign. Vincent is
particularly adept at reflecting emotions and sentiments in his design. His
MIRRIAGANG series was displayed in the Hong Kong Design Week in Melbourne and
became the first project on aboriginal clothing sponsored by the Australian
government. Vincent was also the only Chinese that was invited by the JURRASIC
WORLD in Sydney to design its 20th anniversary souvenirs. In
addition, he collaborates with the Hong Kong Ballet on the WEAREDANCE

Pinky Sheung

Founder of Hong Kong jewelry brands Headragon
and Paso Doble, Pinky is Vice-chair for the Hong Kong Jewellery Designers’
Association and Senior Jewellery Designer. A recipient of the Design for Asia
Awards, she has designed jewelry for a multitude of celebrities.

Jeff Mui

Local star fashion
designer Jeff Mui has been crafting stage costumes for numerous Asian celebrities
for over 20 years, including Fan BingBing, Kelly Chen, Kay Tse, Hins Cheung,
Charmaine Fong, TWINS, Justin Lo, to name but a few. Jeff also runs his own
fashion brand, Jeff Dark Art, and is heavily involved in movie styling. Since
2006, he has hosted a number of fashion shows in Paris and other places in the

Unique Yeung

Founder of online boutique, Unique Yeung is a personal
stylist and hosted online lifestyle radio program “唯尚誌”. Her discerning fashion sense and unique style, coupled with her
passion for jewelry, has earned Unique wide recognition among from celebrities
in town, such as Christine Ng, Erica Yuen, Harriet Yeung, among many others.


A Portuguese fashion curator, Manual brings some of the most well-known
fashion brands from Portugal to Hong Kong, for sale exclusively at THE ORIENT.
They quickly caught the eyes of local celebrities, such as Christine Ng and
Sisley Choi, to name but a few.

Fannie Mercury

A perfect blend of avant-garde and contemporary, OTT (Over The Top) is a
street fashion brand that believes firmly in being loyal to what you truly
love. Its distinctive style has attracted various fashionistas and celebrities.
In addition, designer Fannie Mercury is commissioned as an official designer
for the Miss Asia pageant.

Silver Alan

With 13 years’ experience in leather artistry, Silver Alan’s original
leather art pieces are found in galleries around the world, such as Italy,
Japan, and China. His works revolves mostly around a punk and futuristic world
view, gaining widespread popularity in Japan, with Moga Mogami being a top fan.

  • Co-founded
    by Mr. Albert Chung and Ms. TK Chan, Silver Alan aims to promote works by
    budding artists and introduce them to international audiences at BLINK Gallery;
  • Collaborated with Mini Cooper, LEE, HKJC, and Bow Tie Shop HK;
  • Reinterpret,
    reinvent, and reimagine designs by Alexander McQueen, introducing local
    designer Sam Yeung, who specializes in Gothic designs.

About Fashion Walk

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