Growing Up Near Lake Superior – By Ambassador Amber

My whole childhood I had the pleasure of growing up and experiencing Lake Superior for all its glory. Up until I was about 23, I got to experience that beautiful lake, now I’m not exactly saying it’s an entirely unfortunate circumstance that I don’t live near Lake Superior anymore because living near the mountains is a whole new world I never knew existed.

I will say there truly isn’t anything like the Great Lakes, the way it can calm your life down just by taking a short walk across the shoreline of Lake Superior it clears your mind and really makes you think and live in the now. That’s where my awakening began honestly, I had always loved and connected with the fresh water but living in Marquette was a blessing. I was able to open up and feel more in tune with myself and my surroundings, and being a few minutes from Presque Isle Park in Marquette inspired me everyday to take a moment to breathe.

Lake Superior at Sunset


Now, I’ve talked about how I was so inspired by Beth Millner’s work but it wasn’t until I truly understood my passion for the art of jewelry that I realized how incredible it was to see someone doing such amazing artwork and showing everyone including the locals on how you can wear something you love and connect with. She really knows how to show you what the U.P. is all about.

One of Beth’s newest collections really stood out to me, being the blueberry collection. Blueberries always reminded me of home and picking them was such an exciting thing as a kid that I did with friends and family. The other collection that is hands down my favorite is the Wonderland collection. I adore the mix between metals and agates it’s almost like you get to see everything about Lake Superior in one beautifully crafted piece of jewelry. I remember always looking for agates while living in Marquette it was such a calming, fun way to spend my time outside and near the lake. That feeling follows me out west and I’m always on the lookout for fresh water lakes here, mainly having to be more alpine lakes but I am okay with that.

Lake Superior at Sunset


Speaking of looking for fresh water lakes, I’ve got this short story: I just moved to Utah about 2 months ago and for the first time since I moved out here, we hiked up this mountain that led us up to this stunning lake called Silver Lake. It was most definitely a hike that’s for sure but the views we’re well worth the hard work to get up there, and of course the first thing I did when I got to the top was jump in. For most people I think they would say no to jumping into this freezing alpine lake but being from the U.P. and experiencing Lake Superior’s freezing water this lake felt just about the same as jumping in Lake Superior on a warm day. It was such an incredible feeling to jump back into something that reminds me of home.

For that reason, Lake Superior will forever be my home.

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