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How ‘Bridgerton’ is influencing fashion and beauty


Who would have thought it? The aesthetics and fashion of the English Regency are having an influence on the wardrobes and interior decor of millennials and Generation Z, thanks to Bridgerton.

The success of Netflix series “Bridgerton,” has brought back to the forefront fashion pieces that were considered outdated, starting with romantic dresses and corsets. A phenomenon that will become even bigger with the launch this week of the second season of the historical romance.

The powerful impact of series like Bridgerton on fashion trends is already well established, but some dramas are proving to be real influencers, giving rise to micro-trends, even fashion phenomena. This is the case of the series “Emily in Paris,” “Euphoria,” and “Squid Game,” which have propelled many current trends into the spotlight.

But, more surprisingly, the historical drama “Bridgerton,” based on the high society of London during the English Regency, also seems, despite obvious anachronisms, to have an impact on the fashion wardrobes of viewers, and even the youngest ones.

With the launching of the second season on March 25, Pinterest* took a look at the impact of the hit series on fashion and beauty trends, and the public’s infatuation with outfits and hairstyles straight from the 19th century. One thing is for sure, London’s high society clothing style is all the rage on social media, with a focus on totally unexpected pieces and hairstyles.

Bridgerton fashion from head to toe

The series has brought back to the forefront of fashion ultra voluminous and impressive hairstyles, right in the aesthetics of the era. All modernized for today, of course. As a result, “high puff” hairstyles — meaning a high bun — are now experiencing a spike in searches on Pinterest (+165%), as are “space buns” which are characterized by two ball buns on the head (+100%). If these are not strictly speaking the hairstyles highlighted in the series, younger fans are being strongly inspired by the volume and shapes spotted on the main protagonists to revisit them in 2022 style.

A phenomenon that has not finished growing, as some major luxury labels have recently revived an ultra-refined accessory, the headband, seen, for instance at Dior in royal-like versions which resemble tiaras placed on the top of the head.

“Bridgerton” is also having a major influence on our wardrobes. After corsets, long gowns, puffy sleeves, and long gloves, it’s pearls and beads that are going viral thanks to the show’s success. Pinterest has seen a sharp increase in searches for “single pearl rings,” which have doubled in just one year, as well as for beaded dresses which have tripled in interest since the series kicked off.

* This report highlights internal search data from Pinterest globally from January 29, 2022 to February 27, 2022 compared to the same period a year earlier.

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