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How To Double-Cleanse According To Your Skin Type-Must Read

By: Katie Pierce

Before, many of us used to believe that face washing with soap and water was all we ever needed for skin cleansing prior to hitting the sack and getting our good night’s sleep. However, it turns out that this quick combo is not the perfect option if we want that grime totally off our faces after an intense activity or full day at work.

 Good thing, the concept of double cleansing came in and changed the game. Not to mention, there’s a lot more to it than just cleansing your face twice. To know more about this, let’s read on!

Double Cleansing 101

Double cleansing, as simple as it sounds, is a method of facial cleansing twice: First, you do it with an oil-based cleanser and then with a water-based cleanser. The first cleanser will break down any makeup and draw out dirt and excess oils from the day to help clear your skin. Meanwhile, the second one will address your skin type and help treat your skin concerns. Remember that this cleanser should have ingredients that hydrate, exfoliate, and treat acne. In general, double cleansing helps in treating clogged pores and removing acne-causing skin impurities that may still be present even after doing a regular face cleansing once.

Should you double cleanse daily? If you wear makeup every day, it’s ideal also to do double cleansing at night daily. Otherwise, doing it around three times a week works.

If you’re also wondering why it’s important to double cleanse according to your skin type, the answer is to allow you to avoid over washing and drying the skin. This way, you avoid stripping too many natural oils and microbes on your skin and keep everything balanced.

Now that we already have an idea about double cleansing, you may be wondering which ingredients will work wonders for your skin. Selecting the right ones for us may be daunting, especially at this time when store shelves and beauty aisles everywhere are jam-packed with a myriad of promising beauty products.

To better care for your skin, while being compassionate, you can look for cruelty-free and vegan makeups and skincare products, ones with genuinely natural and harmful-chemical-free ingredients, and consider local ones, too!

Cleansing Hacks For Each Skin Type

To help you optimize your double cleansing strategy, below are cleansing hacks for every skin type to help you know the dynamic cleansing duo to use to achieve your best and clearest glow!

For Normal/Combination Skin Type

Normal skin types don’t need to worry about any facial skin concerns, while those with combination skin types must ensure that the cleanser ingredients are not too drying and oil-causing. For both types, balance and moisturization are essential.

For the first cleansing step, given that combination skin may require careful treatment, vitamin-infused and oil-based cleansers with moisturizing ingredients such as grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, and rosehip seed oil are some ideal picks. These also work well with normal skin.

Secondly, you can rinse thoroughly with foaming cleansers that have almonds, squalene oils, and hyaluronic and glycolic acids. These can help keep a balanced pH level that’s safe yet refreshing on the skin as well as promote supple and hydrated skin.

For Dry or Sensitive Skin Type

Over-washing can be the worst nightmare for dry skin as it leaves skin drier or irritated. Opt for cleansers that keep your skin’s moisture balance and leave it well hydrated. Look for facial washes that have a balanced pH level (around 4.5 to 5.5), so the skin would not get dried out further. Try ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter for healthier hydration.

Always remember to look for a gentle, calming, non-irritating formula for your skin type. Another example is micellar water, which is strong enough to remove excess sebum, dirt, and makeup but gentle enough to keep your skin protected and moisturized.

For Oily or Acne-Prone Skin Type

If you have any of these skin types, lightweight cleansers that help regulate oil production are the way to go!

If your face tends to get oily easily, look for a cleanser that has better foaming properties and one that has salicylic acid. This way, you help break up the buildup of sebum. Products that sud up can better remove dirt and grime, while the acid can help remove excess oil on your skin. You may also pamper yourself during your skincare time by doing a facial massage while lathering up your facial wash.

For acne-prone skin, choose products with anti-inflammatory formulas like vitamin E and glycolic acid.

For second cleansing, you can wash your skin with a gel or clay cleanser that has aloe, green tea, moringa seed, rose, and glycolic acid. Such ingredients will remove excess oil, prevent acne, and keep your skin hydrated.

Final Thoughts

Double cleansing using products with ingredients that work best for your skin type will surely keep you assured that the dirt, oil, and other skin concerns are washed away and treated properly.

Consider the double cleansing hacks listed above to help you get started with double-cleansing. Make sure to familiarize yourself with oil cleansing mistakes so you can avoid them, and try using a skincare routine app to help track your journey. You may also opt to consult with a dermatologist or skin expert to optimize your skincare regimen.