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How to Get the Dyson Airwrap on Sale Because It’s Worth It)

How to Get the Dyson Airwrap on Sale Because It’s Worth It)

Dec. 9 Update: The Dyson Airwrap is selling out as we get closer to the holidays. We endeavor to keep this article updated, but note that the deals below are likely to sell out. If they do, check back after the holidays.

Chances are pretty high that you’ve heard of the Dyson Airwrap, the multi-piece hair styling tool set that offers almost mythically superior final results. You’ve probably also heard of the steep price tag that comes along with it. At $599.99, the newest version of the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler (just released in June 2022) is significantly pricier than, well, any other styling tool on the market.

Dyson Airwrap Bundle (Running Low on Stock)

We’re unlikely to see this product drop in price, given the hype around the entire Dyson Airwrap family of styling tools. In fact the Airwrap Complete styler is still consistently selling out at the retailers that carry it.

However …

How to Get the Dyson Airwrap on Sale Because It’s Worth It)
Image: Dyson.com

You can get some gifts with purchase, just in time for the holidays. Go here to get the Dyson Airwrap for full price BUT bundled together with $125 worth of gifts:

  • Travel pouch.
  • Paddle brush.
  • Detangling comb.
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This bundle has already run out of stock at Dyson, Ulta and Sepohra. However, you can get a similar bundle (with two carrying cases, but no free brush or comb) at Best Buy.

Where to Get the Dyson Airwrap on Sale Right Now


Amazon has an older version of the Airwrap (the Airwrap Volume + Shape Styler) on sale for $550, if you’d rather not shell out the full $600. Note that this price is available from Amazon Renewed, Amazon’s refurbished shop. Renewed items are sold with a 90-day Renewed Guarantee and are professionally tested and inspected.

Update: Sold out as of Nov. 25.

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We recently spotted the original first-generation Dyson Airwrap on sale for $20 off the full price at Dyson, bringing it to $579.99. That’s as good of a deal as we’ve seen, well … in a long while. Note that this isn’t the new Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler version (that one’s still full price). You also get a free gift with purchase: a Dyson paddle brush. This deal just sold out, but you can sign up for email alerts, in case it comes back.

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Dyson currently also has recently had a discount on a refurbished Dyson Airwrap Complete for $70 off full price, bringing the price tag down to $429.99. This one is also sold out, for now.

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Concerned about buying refurbished? Dyson provides a one-year warranty on this product and rigorously tests anything that it sells refurbished. So think of this deal as $100 off a like-new Dyson Airwrap Complete. Learn more about Dyson refurbished deals.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack also has a refurbished deal on the original Airwrap Complete Styler, for 25% off ($449.99).

Shop Now at Nordstrom Rack

Other Dyson Hair Styling Products on Sale Right Now

The Dyson Corrale Straightener is 44% off right now at Nordstrom Rack ($279.99, refurbished). That’s the LOWEST price we’ve seen on this tool. But it’s subject to change in price/sell out. Learn why this straightener is pretty much the Ferrari of flat irons.

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Why Is the Dyson Airwrap So Expensive? 

When you consider you’re getting both a Dyson hairdryer as well as various styling heads for creating a plethora of styles on any type of hair, it starts to seem much more reasonable.

The Airwrap comes in several varieties:

  • The Complete, which you find most often at stores and includes all the various styling barrels and accessories for a total of eight heads. 
  • Smooth + Control and Volume + Shape options, which each come with six styling tools/heads along with the pre-styler tool. 

Each variety comes in a beautiful tan leather carrying case that evokes vintage travel style and makes the entire Dyson Airwrap experience feel all the more luxe and special.

In addition to having the same famed digital V9 motor as Dyson’s game-changing (and also pricey) Supersonic Hair Dryer, the Airwrap also uses an aerodynamic principle called Coanda effect, which attracts the hair to the tool’s barrel creating not only a significantly shorter drying time, but also a significantly diminished level of heat damage.

For people with a lot of hair, the shorter drying time is a massive game changer, plus the tool is lightweight, which means that sore arms are no longer a given when wrestling with thick hair, as well.

Another huge difference between the Airwrap and any other styling tool on the market is that you go from damp to styled hair, versus the typical dry to styled hair. The pre-styling tool isn’t meant to get your hair bone dry like a traditional hair dryer, but rather take it from wet to damp, and then the styling tools complete your style — whether that be smooth and sleek, bouncy curls, etc., while they finish drying your hair. While the idea of putting curls in your hair while it’s still damp goes against everything most of us know about protecting and styling our hair, it’s all part of Dyson’s mad scientist approach to keeping your hair healthier while still getting the final style you want. And of course that final style is also promised to be smoother, softer and healthier than any at-home blowout you’ve ever given yourself with other tools. You can check out this review for an extensive rundown on exactly what you can expect when using the Airwrap.

At this point, if you’re convinced just how badly you need the Dyson Airwrap in your life, you’re not alone — the Airwrap stays out of stock most of the time at many retailers but fear not! There are not only ways to snag one, there are also ways to snag a Dyson Airwrap on sale. That may mean waiting for good sales, but as we know, the best things in life are worth waiting for. So read on and let the sale hunting games begin!

6 Ways to Find the Dyson Airwrap on Sale

1. Check Out One of Sephora’s Annual Beauty Insider Sale

During the April 2022 Sephora spring sale, all Dyson tools went on sale, so it’s a pretty good bet we’ll see that again. The next Sephora sale is expected in November, so keep your eyes open for that, but if Dyson products aren’t included then, we feel confident they will be again in the spring. But this isn’t just a sit and wait situation! Sephora’s sales offer tiered pricing according to how much money you’ve spent in the past year (Insiders get 10%, VIB members receive 15% off and Rouge members get 20% off), so make sure you’re a member (it’s free to join), and direct your beauty purchases to Sephora between now and then to set yourself up for the best possible savings on your future Airwrap!

2. Keep an Eye on Amazon for a Dyson Airwrap Sale

Amazon has been known to drop a discount on the Airwrap both randomly throughout the year as well as on Prime Day, so definitely tune in to sales there. Typically, the Airwrap is priced significantly higher on Amazon at $715 vs. the typical $549, but you’re paying for the consistency of finding it in stock.

3. Go the Refurbished Route at Ebay

Image: eBay.com

Ebay consistently has refurbished Airwraps sold directly by Dyson for $449, making it a great way to save $100 and get the tool right away. Dyson also sells refurbished Dyson Airwrap Complete systems on its own site. You can expect to get a tool that has been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer and meets their high level of performance standards, although there may be cosmetic scratches due to the pre-used nature of the tool.

4. Turn to Best Buy for the Smooth + Control Styler

Best Buy sells the Smooth + Control Styler for $499.99, but has been known to offer exclusive 20% off deals for My Best Buy rewards members, which brings the price down a whopping $100. Similar to Sephora’s loyalty program, it’s free to enroll in the program, and you earn points on every dollar you spend, but even better than Sephora, some offers — like ones we’ve seen for the Dyson — don’t depend on how much you’ve spent, but just your membership status.

5. Save Two Ways at Ulta

If you’re someone who likes an actionable plan versus the sitting and waiting for sales approach, Ulta might be the best bet for your future Airwrap purchase. Ulta stocks the Airwrap Complete styler at the typical $599.99 price, and it’s often in stock. 

You can save by using your Ultimate Rewards points, which you earn for every dollar you spend at the store, and then convert back into dollar amounts for savings when you shop. If you’ve been saving them up for a while, this could give you a pretty significant savings ($125 if you’ve saved up 2,000 points). 

Image: Ulta.com

So by simply making beauty purchases at Ulta, you can work your way toward a discount on the Airwrap. Of course Ulta also sends out their coveted 20% of coupons twice a year that include even prestige items, so make sure you’ve signed up for emails and texts from the brand, so you don’t miss that golden opportunity to save on an Airwrap, as well.

6. Get a Black Friday Dyson Airwrap Deal

The Airwrap is exactly the type of product that stores put on sale for Black Friday, and we’ve seen Best Buy and Amazon do so in the past, so definitely comb those pre-sale ads to make sure you don’t miss it when a Dyson sale pops up. And be sure to check out the sites of retailers that carry it in real time during Cyber Weekend to see if any sales pop up.

7. Use a RetailMeNot Cash Back Offer at a Retailer That Sells the Airwrap

This is a more indirect approach. But with the price tag on the Airwrap not budging anytime soon, it’s a way to earn cash (real cash) on your purchase of the Dyson Airwrap. How it works is, you shop with retailers that partner with RetailMeNot and get cash back on your purchase. Learn more.

How to get cash back on the Dyson Airwrap:

  1. Find a retailer that carries the Airwrap.
  2. Check if RetailMeNot has an active cash back offer on that merchant.
  3. Click the offer. If you don’t already have an account with RetailMeNot, you’ll be prompted to sign up.
  4. Buy the Airwrap.
  5. Wait 45 days. Cash back will appear in your RetailMeNot account and, from there, you can redeem it via Venmo or PayPal.

Sephora and Best Buy both have cash back offers and both sell the Airwrap (although it may be out of stock).

Earn Cash Back

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