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1. Closure lace wigs:

Closure lace wigs have 4X4 or 5X5 inches lace that covers temple to temple area perfectly. Closure lace wigs have U shaped lace base for versatility in styling. This wig is ideal for people with thin hair or bald patches issues. It covers the head and looks like naturally growing hair. 

At luvmehair, closure lace wigs are available in different textures, sizes, and types. You can get the best one according to your preference. Luvmehair is renowned for making virgin human hair wigs that last longer, didn’t shed or tangle, and can be dyed or bleached. Closure lace wigs from Luvmehair will give you a new insight into styling options and you gonna love that.

Professional care tips:

Here we’ll discuss professional care tips for closure lace wigs.

Install carefully:

While installing your closure lace wig, you must be very gentle. Because the wigs have a fragile lace base and any pulling or tugging can damage the lace of closure lace wigs. Roughly use of a closure lace wig can lead to shedding the strands from lace and you’ll end up having a wig that will be of no use. 

Brushing tip:

Always detangle your closure lace wigs before storing them. Remove the knots by using a wide tooth comb or detangling spray so your wig can have a natural scalp like the top. Another mandatory thing to follow while brushing is always to start from the ends and then gently go towards the roots. This method makes the detangling and brushing process easy and lets you have smooth brushing. Don’t tug or pull the strands while opening knots because it can lead to shedding the strands.

Medium temperature:

Even if your closure lace wig is made of virgin human hair and resistant to heat still you have to use no or medium heat in styling the wig. Treat your wig like your natural hair. Everybody knows constant high heat can damage natural hair thus heat can also damage your wig. If you have to use heat equipment then don’t forget to use a heat-resistant spray to 

Your closure lace wigs and then style your wig it heats equipment. Using a heat-protecting spray can actually make the life span longer and keep the wig alive.

2. Bob wig with bangs:

Bob wig enlightens your look as it’s always in a vogue. Many people opt for bob wigs because bob can opt for any occasion. It gives a professional, glamorous, and funky look altogether. Some bob lovers go for a bob wig with bangs that looks heart throbbing. Bob wig with bangs is a new trend that gives a more realistic appearance to your bob wig. It makes your presence noticeable and crowd-pleasing. 

If you’re also fond of this hot favorite bob wig with bangs then you must grab it from Luvmehair before it ends. As Luvmehair is well known for making top-notch quality bob wigs with bangs made from virgin human hair. These wigs look super realistic and give a glossy finish. Bob wig with bangs from luvmehair is everyone’s apple of the eye because it’s loaded with ample benefits. You must buy the bob wig with bangs from Luvmehair to bliss your style.

Why invest in bob wig with bangs?

Let’s talk about that why one should invest in a bob wig with bangs.

Conceal hairline:

Bob’s wig with bangs can hide the hairline which makes the wig undetectable and looks realistic. It beautifully conceals the hairline so no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig.

Super realistic:

Bob wig with bangs make the wig look natural and undetectable. Bangs compliments to bob and give a natural look.

Classy look:

Bob wig with bangs is super stylish and mod. It brings a charm to your personality that gives you a head-turning style.

Versatility in styling:

Bob wig with bangs offers versatile styling options. You can add a headband or hair accessory and there are other multiple options to style the bob wig with bangs. These styling options are endless and thus let you enjoy your bob wig without any hesitation.

Alter the look:

Bob wig with bangs can actually change your tame and boring look instantly and brings new energy to your look that boosts your confidence. It makes you daring enough to rock the bob with bangs.

Younger look:

If you’ve opted for a bob wig with bangs it’s the best choice you’ve ever made. Because a bob wig with bangs makes you look younger than your actual age. Actually, this unique style has funky and modish effects so it enlightens your personality and makes you look young, beautiful, and mod.

3. Glueless lace wigs:

Glueless lace wigs are the best options for people who are allergic to adhesive or harsh glue. This great wig comes with a secure belt that keeps the wigs in their place. A glueless lace wig can be installed in no time and require no time to take off. It didn’t damage your natural hair because you don’t need any adhesive to put on it. 

Luvmehair premium quality glueless lace wigs made of virgin human hair. luvmehair promises to deliver supreme quality hairpieces that are not prone to shedding or tangling. You can buy high-quality glueless lace wigs from luvmehair and enjoy the quick glueless installation.

Reasons to buy glueless lace wig:

  • Glueless lace wigs are beginner’s friendly wigs that are unbelievably realistic. 
  • It can be installed quickly without any need for glue or any hair stylist.
  • It remains secure over the head and didn’t flip from place.
  • Glueless lace wigs are heavenly versatile and can be opted for any occasion.
  • It’s the best option for office-going ladies who run short of time and can’t install the wig with glue because it didn’t take time to put on and take off.
  • Glueless lace wigs are super comfortable and let the scalp breathe. It didn’t damage your hair and neither feels heavy over the head.
  • The biggest reason to choose a glueless lace wig is that it’s not expensive like other wigs.  Any newbie can have glueless lace wigs with a limited budget.
  • It’s a perfect choice for people who got irritation or itchiness from wig glue.
  • Must buy a glueless lace wig from luvmehair, I’m sure you won’t regret buying it.

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