23/06/2024 5:00 AM


Piece of That Fashion

Meet The Maker: Q & A With Andrea Rokosz at Rokosz Jewelry

How has your design style evolved over the years?

It’s been a massive evolution from where I started to where I am now. I started off with a silver line that was inexpensive to produce and much less complicated to fabricate. I was very fortunate with that line – it seemed to instantly fill a need for people and I gained a really cool following.

How I transitioned into higher-end fine jewelry: a man asked me to make a custom engagement ring for his girlfriend who loved my jewelry, and at the same time, my best friend got engaged and asked me to make her ring! It was pretty amazing (though intimidating at the time) to be creating my best friend’s engagement ring in tandem with my first engagement client ever.

I posted those first two on Instagram, and people started coming to me right away to make their engagement rings. I was blown away, it’s so meaningful to make these milestone rings for people.

You need so much knowledge to create higher-end fine jewelry pieces (and do it well). But I’ve had many people around me that helped by answering questions or offering their expertise. Plus, I’m such a nerd and I love learning new things. I research endlessly and saturate myself with knowledge until I feel completely confident in what I’m doing. Once you have confidence in your expertise, you can make anything you want and there’s no limit to your designs!

Where do you get your inspiration? How do you come up with new designs?

I’m inspired by so many things – vintage furniture design, architecture, and my surroundings in Vancouver – it’s endlessly inspiring living in a city bordered by both mountains and oceans. My family and I spend lots of time outdoors and nature is a bottomless source of design ideas.

Back when I had more free time, I used to visualize new ideas while meditating in float tanks – I did this regularly when I first started in fine jewelry.

And sometimes, I’ll wake up from a dream with new ideas for a piece. But most often, I’m inspired by my clients. People come to me with a story about their partner or themselves, and designs will come to me based solely on that story. Even just a picture of someone’s partner can spark ideas for me.

How did you come up with the name Army of Rokosz? Is there a special meaning?

Rokosz (like hocus pocus) is my last name. We have so many kids in my family (there’s 5 of us) that we’re like a little army of Rokoszes.

There was also this rebellion in the 1600’s called the Rokosz Rebellion which I think is a cool connection. That rebel undertone really connects to the vibe in my jewelry.

I am simplifying and changing my name in January to just ‘Rokosz’ which reflects my style evolution and feels more connected to my current aesthetic.