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MELYON day cream ⋆ Beauty Courier

MELYON day cream ⋆ Beauty Courier

I could test out this MELYON day cream thanks to the The C of Cosmetics. It’s a completely new brand for me so I was super curious and excited about that!

The MELYON day cream is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E and niacinamide. As a skincare junkie, I love these ingredients. 

The MELYON day cream has a nice texture which absorbs nicely and quickly into my skin. It leaves my skin well moisturized and at the same time mattified, my pores are minimized. After a few weeks of using I have noticed that my complexion looks healthy and luminous. 

Only one minus point is the packaging. The bottle looks really cute but I couldn’t open it properly. At various pictures I can see that the cream has a little pump but I can’t open mine like this. The cap is just stuck together with the pump. I can only twist it open and apply the product directly from the packaging which is not convenient. Update: I have received a kind message from brand that I need to pull the cap instead of twisting it and it works!

For me, this day cream is a really nice introduction to the brand. I think that I’d definitely try some more MELYON products in the future.

The MELYON day cream is available through The C of Cosmetics store and cost €45/60ml.

Have you ever used any of their products? Let me know!

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