18/06/2024 10:37 PM


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Nearly half will watch World Cup quarter final at home, says survey

Nearly half will watch World Cup quarter final at home, says survey

The analysis, which is good news for convenience store sales, was carried out by Vypr, the research and intelligence company, which said 47% of respondents in its survey said they would watch the match in their homes or with friends.

This was against 32% who said they would not be watching it and under 10% who said they would be watching it in a pub.

The survey was conducted among 5,000 people from Vypr’s 65,000-strong database.

Almost three-quarters (72.4%) of watchers will view the game with their families. About 25% will watch the game on their own, and just under 12% will watch with friends.

The survey also found that alcoholic drinks will not be a priority for many customers, with under a quarter drinking lager, spirits or cider.

About a third said that they would be choosing hot drinks or fizzy soft drinks.

Crisps were mentioned by 42%, and 20% said they would be having finger food such as sausage rolls.

Another 13% said they would not be eating anything while watching the game, while 39% would be having home-cooked food and 31% take-aways.

Appetite for buying promotional items or merchandise was low with only 11% planning to buy flags and under 8% buying partyware such as plates, tablecloths, or balloons.