16/07/2024 9:43 AM


Piece of That Fashion

New fashion line created to help disabled people

A new fashion line is tailored to meet the needs of people who are disabled.

The snappy sweatshirts and button downs have special features to make getting dressed easier and the clothing more functional.

The concept of Social Surge is we are all cut from the same cloth, so we should be able to dress like it.

The founders believe shopping for clothing shouldn’t be a challenging experience.

Chicagoan Meredith Aleigha wells is co-founder of Social Surge.

“We looked at where fashion was kind of neglecting and what populations were neglected by the fashion industry,” she said.


The garments incorporate technology for those who are blind, paralyzed or don’t have dexterity.

“I generally put on my clothing standing so I see how good and flattering it is standing, and then I go to sit in my wheelchair and think wow if only someone thought about what this might look like sitting, my life would just be so much easier,” Aleigha said.

Social Surge just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fundraise for manufacturing. Early contributors will get some of the clothing first.

“We’re really hoping to trail blaze the future of fashion in a more inclusive direction so that people of all shapes and sizes and abilities can all shop together,” Aleigha said.

To check out more of the items, you can go to socialsurgeofficial.com.