23/07/2024 6:31 AM


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Not Skinny but Not Fat Rates Kardashian-Approved Products


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If you’ve never bought a product that one of the Kardashian-Jenners has promoted, I commend you. I’m definitely not one of those people. The sisters have become some of the biggest influencers in the fashion and beauty spaces, and usually, I’m buying whatever they’re selling. But the simple truth of it is, not all products are winners. So, which products are actually worthy of your precious paycheck? To help us decide, we’ve tapped Amanda Hirsch, “Kardashian expert” and the woman behind the popular podcast and Instagram account “Not Skinny but Not Fat.”

For the unfamiliar, “Not Skinny but Not Fat” is your one-stop shop for everything pop culture, celebrity gossip, and reality-TV recaps. The “NSBNF” Instagram account alone boasts a “small following” of over 600,000 users, and if you’re looking for the most up-to-date news when it comes to celebrity gossip, Hirsch will deliver it with a dash of sarcasm and realness that most social media personalities are missing these days.

Hirsch has always covered a lot of Kardashian news (it’s kind of hard not to — they’re everywhere), but when she started receiving press packages from the sisters and was eventually followed on Instagram by Kim Kardashian herself, Hirsch jokingly started going by the name “KaManda” and dubbed herself an honorary member of the family. So, who better to test out six Kardashian-approved beauty products than the sixth sister herself? Keep scrolling to check out Hirsch’s unfiltered opinions on some of the beauty products most loved by the Kardashian-Jenner clan.


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