14/07/2024 2:36 PM


Piece of That Fashion

Selena Gomez Offers a Casual Take on Logomania

Celebrities who love logomania aren’t shy about their brand loyalties, and tend to take the concept to its extreme. Head-to-toe logo is attention-grabbing—think the Fendi Zucca print power suit Bella Hadid wore to Paris Fashion Week back in 2018 or Rihanna in layers of Dior’s oblique canvas—but it rarely translates well in the real world. Among the Hollywood-set, subtle versions of the trend are harder to find, but Selena Gomez offered an understated interpretation yesterday in New York. While enjoying a shopping trip to Louis Vuitton’s SoHo boutique, Gomez kept things casual in light wash, high-waisted denim, a beige turtleneck, and one of MasQd’s popular face-coverings. The look was completed by a monogram trench covered in the house’s ubiquitous LV print.

A statement item with enough oomph to elevate an otherwise casual outfit, Gomez’s trench was a glamorous final touch. Though it broadcast her love of the brand, it did so in a way that was surprisingly subtle, even understated. From afar, it looked like an merely incredibly chic tailored coat, but up close, its luxury factor became clear. Gomez and her stylist Kate Young keep her outerwear interesting, switching from affordable finds (the puffy boucle Free People jacket she was spotted in just last week) to aspirational investment pieces. Given her long standing relationship with the Vuitton label—she made her high fashion campaign debut in the ads for Nicolas Ghesquière’s fall/winter 2016 collection—the choice felt appropriate.

More than that, the use of a single, logo-centric element meshes with the way most people incorporate motifs into their wardrobes. A full look centered on a single brand makes for an excellent paparazzi picture or Instagram update, but it can also feel forced. The beauty of Gomez’s Vuitton moment was in the balance it struck. In keeping the rest of her look simple, Gomez managed to cover herself in the ultimate luxury motif without looking like a walking billboard, a valuable style lesson for logomaniacs everywhere.