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Shop TODAY’s top products of 2021: Leggings, lip masks, more

As the team behind TODAY’s shopping recommendations, we come across a lot of products every year. From finds in fashion and beauty to home and wellness products, the list of products we’ve tried is lengthy — and a select few have become everyday favorites in our lives.

We’ve come to love these products for a number of reasons, and we think you’ll love them, too. So, for the first time ever, we’re sharing them with you, our readers.

Shop TODAY Editorial Director Adrianna Brach stopped by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna to break down seven of our favorite finds of 2021, from figure-flattering leggings to a fitness essential that makes us dread working out a little bit less.

This is just a sneak peek though — we’ll be dropping the complete list of our favorite products of 2021 on our Instagram and TikTok pages every day next week, so be sure to follow us so you don’t miss out. For now, keep scrolling to get a taste of the items that made our year.

Shop TODAY’s favorite products of 2021

EQuick Cushioned Slippers

These slippers came to be known as “pillow sandals” this year, mostly for their lightweight and cushioned feel. Reviewers have said wearing them is like “walking on a cloud,” and we love them for their trendy look and supportive design. They were all over TikTok this year thanks to celebrities who quickly became fans of the shoe, too.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

If, like one Shop TODAY editor, you’ve tried everything from chapsticks to sheet masks to treat dry lips, you might want to add this to your cart right now. Commerce Editor Alicia Tan says “nothing shows consistent next-day results like the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I put it on before bed when I have extremely cracked lips or even if I feel like it’s about to happen, and I wake up with soothed, softer lips.”

Aerie Offline Real Me High Waisted Crossover Flare Legging

So many of us have been living in leggings, but these flare leggings really had a moment in 2021. Social Editor Rebecca Shinners said she was skeptical of the trend but came to love this pair from Aerie that checks all of the boxes. “They’re comfortable enough to wear all day when I’m working from home, and when I venture outside in them, I feel more dressed up than I would in leggings,” she said.

Nest New York Fragrances Holiday 3-Wick Candle

If there’s one candle that’s worth a splurge, it’s this one from Nest New York Fragrances, according to Social Commerce Editorial Assistant Daniella Musacchio. It has a burn time of up to 100 hours, which is perfect for all of the time we’ve been spending at home nowadays. “The scent really fills up any space and lingers even when the candle isn’t lit,” Musacchio said. “People always comment on how amazing my apartment smells when I light my Nest candle.”

Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ

Ninja is a tried-and-true brand that the Shop TODAY team has come to love over the years. Senior Commerce Editor Alexandra Deabler received this blender as a birthday present and can’t get enough of it. “To be enamored by a blender might be a very 30-something-year-old thing, but I swear by my Ninja IQ blender,” she said. “I got it as a birthday present last July and have used it every day since. It has these presets, which really make it stand out for me.” The presets make it easy to make a creamy smoothie or even ice cream with the press of a button.

Bala Power Ring

Bala Bangles took over in 2020, but their cousin, the Bala Power Ring, is even more worthy of praise. Although it’s a bit of a splurge, the ring is like a 2-in-1 fitness tool — a combination of a dumbbell and a kettlebell in one. If you’re looking to get ahead of your 2022 fitness goals, SEO Commerce Editor Jess Bender says this has helped her look forward to working out. “As someone who dreads doing upper body workouts, incorporating the Power Ring into my regular routine has actually made me excited to work on my fitness,” Bender said. “It’s also motivated me to step outside my comfort zone by inspiring me to seek out other exercises outside of my usual rotation of reps and sets.”

RobeCurls Curling Headband

A lot of things go viral on TikTok, but this hair hack really caught our eye — and might be the reason one editor kisses her curling iron goodbye. All you have to do is wrap it around your hair, go to sleep and then unwrap your hair in the morning for gorgeous curls, sans heat damage. “I’ve always wished I could roll out of bed with perfect hair, without a strand out of place,” Associate Commerce Editor Danielle Murphy said, “and while that dream will most likely stay that way, this inventive headband brings me a little closer to making it come true.”

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