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The Most Viewed Beauty Items on TikTok You Can Gift This Year

The Most Viewed Beauty Items on TikTok You Can Gift This Year

Data suggests that nearly 40 percent of Gen Z prefers to search for things on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram over Google. When it comes to what people want this year for the holidays, much of it is probably influenced by what they’ve seen online all year. Experts at Ubiquitous compiled the ultimate 2022 TikTok holiday gift guide by examining hashtag views. Crocs led the pack with 6.1 billion hashtag views, but we’re only concerned with what beauty products claimed the top spots. We’ve teased out the products on the list that the beauty lover or trendsetter in your life would love.

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Dyson Airwrap ($600)

It’s not a huge surprise that the Dyson Airwrap, which has been a viral hit for years, was the most looked-at beauty product hashtag on TikTok. It was even the fourth most looked-at item overall, with 3.1 billion hashtag views.

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Gua sha

The practice of gua sha has seen consistent growth in popularity, with 1.5 billion hashtag views on TikTok. Gifting the tool to get the practice going is a thoughtful gift for any skin-care lover.

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Pimple patches

While not the sexiest hashtag, we’ve all been there desperately trying to find a solution for our acne, and 543.2 million landed on pimple patches specifically. It doesn’t hurt that Justin Bieber was seen sporting them out on the town.

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Glitter spray

Glitter spray is one of those beauty products that transcend age. With 184.2 million people looking at it on TikTok, it’s safe to say anyone from 10 to 30 would appreciate this fun beauty gifting moment.

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L’Oréal Infallible 24HR Foundation ($16)

This drugstore favorite caught the attention of 173.5 million people on TikTok. With rave reviews and a reasonable price tag, this foundation is a no-brainer gift for beauty gurus.


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Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper ($29)

Count us among the 149 million people who peeked at the hashtag for this lip plumper on TikTok. It has both immediate and long-term plumping powers, so it’s the gift that keeps giving.


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GrandeLASH ($68)

People are always on the search for the secret to longer lashes, and it seems 107 million people discovered that GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum is the answer.

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Laneige Lip Mask ($24)

It only took a little bit of lauding from one Sydney Sweeney for 88.7 million TikTok users to get curious about this intensely hydrating overnight lip mask.


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Fenty Gloss Bomb ($20)

Before Rihanna announced she’d be putting out another album, she was putting out hits like the Fenty Gloss Bomb, which pulled the focus of 44.5 million TikTokers.

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The Ordinary Peeling Solution ($8)

Affordable and trendy? This gift is a great option for one of the 37.5 million TikTok users that checked out the hashtag, but only if they’re experienced with acid exfoliation.

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NB47 Awards EverydayBeautyEssentials Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

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e.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer ($7)

Although 14.2 million TikTok users checked this concealer out, they could just as easily have gone around the block to see it at their local drugstore. It’s a great last-minute addition to gifts you’ve already gotten.

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Ice roller face massager

Ice rolling has become a big trend thanks to its skin soothing side effects, with 12.5 million seeking it out on TikTok. Snag an ice roller for someone on your list that loves a good self-care moment.

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