Things to Look For in a 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring

Things to Look For in a 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring

Are you looking for an engagement ring that you can offer during your marriage proposal for your partner? We know that engagement events are important since this marks the day when you decided to give your commitment to the woman you love towards marriage. Therefore your engagement ring should be as precious as the moment you will be having with your partner. Purchasing a promising 1 carat round engagement ring at will be a good choice so you won’t have to spend too much time deciding about the designs and carat of your engagement ring. 

Characteristics of a  1 Carat Round Engagement Ring 

Price Range 

1 Carat Round Engagement Ring usually costs from $1800 to $12000. The cost range is wide since diamonds come in many forms considering their color and clarity. Although they are all 1 carat they can vary from decimal points such as 1.2, 1.3 or so on. Cutting a perfect 1 carat is difficult so they can exceed more than 1 carat. This will increase the price then. Other factors can also affect the pricing. Put aside a budget that you think it’s worth it for your partner. 

Diamond Size 

A 1 Carat Round diamond usually measures 6.5 mm, however even though diamonds have the same or closed carat weight they may vary in sizes especially if they are cut in different shapes. But for the 1 round carat diamond, it will have a bigger surface, which is good. Getting an expert to cut your round diamond will be a wise idea, even if a round shaped diamond is the easiest to cut. 


The more colorless the better for your  1 Carat Round Engagement Ring but choosing color can be based on your partner’s skin tone. Nearly colorless to yellowish color can match any skin tone and for the settings, you can choose a metal that is ideal for your partner’s skin. You can get advice from your jeweler on what’s best for your diamond color and setting for your  1 Carat Round Engagement Ring.


Perfect 1 carat cut diamond is hard to make, your carat diamond may be more than 1 carat, so you can actually add a little more or you can have your jeweler cut a measurement closest to one carat. Otherwise, the idea of a  1 Carat Round Engagement Ring is gone already. Carat weight does not define the size of a diamond sometimes, so it’s ok if they look smaller or bigger. The important thing is, it is indeed 1 carat, not less than and not over 1.99 carats. 

Settings For 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring 

Settings are metals used where stones are mounted. Just like stones they also vary in colors, the following are the most ideal settings for  1 Carat Round Engagement Ring. 

  • White Gold 
  • Yellow Gold 
  • Rose Gold

Advantages of  1 Carat Round Engagement Ring

  1. You don’t have to worry about how many carats you have on the engagement ring you are buying. As long as it is more than 1 carat and less than 2 carats, then it is already perfect for it.
  2. Round cut diamonds are available in almost all jewelry stores. Since it is the easiest cut to make, jewelry stores have stocks for it, unlike other cuts that are even only available when customized.
  3. It is suitable to be worn every day since there are no sharp edges, therefore it won’t likely catch on clothes or any other objects. Chipping is avoidable then. 
  4. Inclusions or blemishes are easily hidden since the table is the one appearing in the center. If there are inclusions, they can be easily hidden on the part of the diamond that is embedded in the setting. 
  5. When opting for the  1 Carat Round Engagement Ring you can set a budget that is not big since the carat will not be more than 2 carats.

1 Carat Round Engagement Ring can be an ideal choice to avoid too much hassle in seeking for the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Guides and tips are given for you to be able to know why you should consider 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring as your proposal offer to your partner.  Decide now.