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Top 10 Life Lessons Before You Turn 30 by Roano Collection

Top 10 Life Lessons Before You Turn 30 by Roano Collection

Thirty is a milestone age, and it’s time to start thinking about life-changing decisions. What will your 30s hold? What should you do to prepare? This post has gathered a list of the top 10 life lessons you should know before turning 30. We hope that by reading and implementing these lessons, you’ll be on your way to a happy and prosperous 30s!

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Top 10 Life Lessons You Should Know Before You Turn 30

 So, it’s time to start thinking about life lessons. You’ll learn these things during the three decades of your life – whether you’re ready for them or not. So we make this list of the top 10 life lessons you should know before you turn 30, and start putting them into practice today. Who knows, by the time you reach that milestone, you might even be a changed person!

1. Enjoy Your Life, You Only Live Once

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You only live one time, so you might as well enjoy your life while you can. That doesn’t mean you have to party all the time or expend all your money on frivolous things, but it does mean that you should take the time to do something you enjoy.

Life is too short to spend working a job you hate or being in a relationship that makes you discouraged. If you don’t like something, change it. And if you’re unsure what you enjoy doing with your life, experiment until you figure it out. The most essential thing is to enjoy the ride.

2. Give Up Your Past

To move on with your life, you must give up your past. This doesn’t mean forgetting what has happened. Still, it implies that you must discontinue living in the past and begin living in the present.


The present is where your life is happening, and if you want a happy future, you need to start making choices that will lead you there. It’s also important to forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made.

3. Do Crazy Things.



I was never one to take risks. I always played it safe, sticking to the things that I knew would never put me in harm’s way. But there was consistently a piece of me that wished I could be more like my friend Andrew, who was always up for anything and everything. Without a second thought, he would skydive, bungee jump, and cliff dive.


One day, He convinced me to go skydiving with him, and I reluctantly agreed. As we headed up to the plane, I started to get nervous. But as soon as we jumped out of the plane, all my fears disappeared. It was an incredible experience; I felt like I had finally done something wild and crazy. Now, every time Andrew asks me to do something new and exciting, I say yes without hesitation.


Doing crazy stuff can give you new meaning in life and move on.

4. Be Nice After All That Is Your Essential

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Being nice is not always easy, but it is always essential. No matter how difficult someone may be to deal with, being kind and respectful is always the best way. It can be easy to forget this when someone constantly makes your life difficult.


Still, if you remember to be friendly, it will make a world of difference. Not only will you sense better about yourself, but the other person may start to change their ways.

5. Be Healthy and Athletic

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Being healthy and athletic doesn’t just make you look good. It also has many other benefits. For example, studies have shown that physically active people tend to have lower rates of heart disease, obesity, stroke, and diabetes. Being physically active helps reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase energy levels.


So if you want to be healthier, happier, and more productive, start by being more active!

6. Invest Some of Your Money for Later Plans Every Month

One life lesson that I have learned is the importance of investing some of your money for later plans every month. This has been a harsh lesson for me to know because I am very impulsive and tend to spend my money as soon as I get it.


However, I have realized that if I do not invest at least some of my monthly money. So I will never have enough saved up for more extensive future purchases or plans. 

There is lot of financial plans that will suits everyone no matters are your financial situation.

Being rich you can invest in properties, luxury watches classic cars, lands businesses and much more

Having mid and low incomes you can invest monthly a small amount of money  in platforms like Etoro with zero leverage in popular stocks like Google, Apple, Tesla, Alibaba…. 

Another reason why it is essential to invest some of your monthly income is that it can support you achieve your long-term financial goals.

7. Be Adventures; Visit New Places, Travel a Lot. After All, Only Memorize Will Stay


One of the life lessons that I have learned is that it is important to be adventurous and visit new places. After all, only memories will stay with us in the end. I have always enjoyed traveling and exploring new places. Still, in recent years I have made a concerted effort to see even more of the world.


This has been partly inspired by a desire to see as much as possible before I get too old. But also because travel broadens our horizons and helps us understand different cultures and ways of life.

8. Take Care of Your Style and Personality


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One of the most important lessons is to take care of your style and personality. By taking care of your appearance and mannerisms, you are sending a message to the world that you are confident and capable. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in your posture and the way you carry yourself.


Additionally, people will respond to you more positively when they see that you take pride in your appearance. Your style is an elongation of your personality, so make sure it echoes who you are and what you like to project to the world.

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9. Dare to Love to the Extreme

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In life, we are confronted with many choices and decisions. Sometimes, it’s hard to know the right thing to do. However, if we always choose love, even when it’s hard, we will be rewarded with a life full of happiness and fulfillment.


When I was more immature, my mom told me it was okay to make mistakes as long as I learned from them. And she was right. Over the years, I’ve made some poor choices out of fear or anger, but each time I’ve learned something valuable from experience.


One of the most noteworthy things I’ve learned is that love is always worth fighting for. No matter how often you get hurt or disappointed, if you keep your heart open and dare to love again, you will eventually find someone who loves you back just as much as you love them.

10. No One Loves You More Than Your Family

No one adores you more than your family. They are the ones who will consistently be there for you, no matter what. They are the ones who have caught you at your worst and still love you. They are the ones who know all your secrets and still love you. They are the ones who have seen you grow up and change, and they still love you.


Your family will still be there for you, no matter what occurs. They will be there to support you, comfort you, and love you. You may not always see eye to eye with them, but they will always love you unconditionally. You may not realize it now, but they are the most influential people in your life.


Life is full of ups and downs, and your family will be there.


In conclusion, life is full of lessons. Some we learn the hard way, and some are more easily learned through observation or experience. These top 10 life lessons are essential for anyone wanting to live a happy and successful life.

You should:

  • Live with intention.
  • Be grateful.
  • Stay fit and healthy.
  • Find your passion.
  • Give back, and don’t take things for granted.
  • Create balance, and make time for yourself.
  • Learn from your mistakes and enjoy the journey.


Life is a fantastic gift; make the most of it!

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