Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Convenience Store

Isaura M. League

As retailers, you’re challenged with fragmentation, scale, c-store competition on every corner. What’s more, there’s the pressure to deliver a consistently positive shopping experience at all your stores. Remodeling your stores can help. Here are the top three reasons to remodel or redesign your stores.

  • Create the best possible in-store experience – Your marketing team has developed exciting offers and you’ve partnered with top foodservice brands. Do your stores have a designated seating area for customers to kick back and enjoy your newly revamped menu and dayparting deals?
  • Transform your brand into the ideal shopping destination – Your stores are a beacon for the local community. Differentiating your brand though delightful décor, memorable messaging, inviting coffee bars, and effective wayfinding are the keys to attracting and retaining shoppers and store associates.
  • Develop scalable store design for rollouts due to acquisition – The pressure’s on to apply your brand’s look and feel to those 30 stores you’ve recently acquired. An experienced team of c-store designers will work with you every step of the way—keeping you on time and on budget—to create a seamless in-store experience.

How to Find the Right Partner for Your C-Store Redesign

Finding a retail redesign and remodeling services provider with extensive c-store industry experience shouldn’t be daunting. The ideal partner must understand the demands of the convenience industry and can:

  • Transform your growth strategies into tailored, impactful store designs executed at scale
  • Leverage brand and customer experience expertise to anticipate challenges and opportunities
  • Serve as an extension of your brand team and trusted advisor
  • Offer a holistic mindset – develop and deliver seamless, end-to-end solutions that bypass design and logistical pitfalls

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