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Isaura M. League

Eastern cleansing and skincare rituals have long been a mystery. The hammam (Turkish and Arabic), jjimjilbang (Korean), and onsens (Japanese) traditions are centuries old, involving a shower or bath steam followed by a deep exfoliation with a unique, woven fabric that visibly displays dry, dead skin sloughing off the body instantly during use. In each tradition, the body and skin are cleansed and purified from toxins, increasing blood circulation increases, and stimulating the immune system to better support the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

This exfoliation experience purifies both body and soul. These rituals are more than an act of cleansing, they are transformational – providing a time of meditation, relaxation, and purification of both body and soul. The DERMASURI collection of exfoliation products reap the benefits of these ancient practices – updated for the modern age – for glowing and refreshed skin, and rejuvenation of body and spirit.


  • Deep Exfoliating Mitt Body Scrub – Best-seller that deeply exfoliates the body, visibly removing dry skin instantly. Use every two weeks with no chemicals, mitt and water only
  • Deep Exfoliating Back Scrub – Premium back scrub to reach areas of your back you normally may not be able to, with an extra-wide diamond-shaped design that is super wide and extra long
  • Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt – Deep cleansing scrub that removes dry skin instantly while massaging and stimulating skin. Use on face, neck or shoulders to clear away dead skin, diminish the visibility of pores, exfoliate your skin and reduce blackheads
  • Face and Neck Exfoliator for Bearded Men – Nudges ingrown hair to the surface. Use the exfoliating beard mitt on the neck and face to scrub and tease out any stubborn ingrown hairs. Deep exfoliation removes dead skin cells, oils, and dirt that could be trapping the hair under the surface

DERMASURI products are globally preferred by skin care specialists, makeup artists and beauty experts, delivering on its history of being known as Hollywood’s red carpet secret to creating glowing skin. The brand brings a cult-like following of skincare addicts. For more information, visit


Founders and lifelong friends of Middle Eastern and Japanese descent, Melody Akhavan and Susumu Tsuchihashi studied the remarkable benefits of Eastern skincare and the extraordinary exfoliation traditions of their respective ancestries—rituals passed down from one generation to the next. They identified the physically and spiritually purifying characteristics of these traditions in order to share them with the world. DERMASURI is a blending of the best of both of ancient cultures, created for the modern age. “Derma” means skin in Western culture. “Suri” means “rose” in Arabic—the color skin turns with nurtured blood circulation, and means “scrub” in Japanese.


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