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Piece of That Fashion

Unique gifts to surprise the men in your life

Though December has passed, and with it, most of the present-fever, you do not need a particular occasion to show your consideration towards a loved one. Be it a brother, father, friend, or even that special someone, they are obviously going to appreciate a small offering, and who knows, maybe reciprocate the gesture. At the same time, wanting to offer a gift to somebody comes with the downside of never knowing what to buy (trust me, we have all been there). Hopefully, this article will shed some light on how to choose the perfect present for the men in your life.


You knew this was going to be here. This is timeless (ironic, isn’t it?) accessory has been a must-have in any gentleman’s collection for decades. Nothing refines attire quite like the reliable wristwatch. But there are quite a few things to consider when it comes to buying this contraption. First of all, starting from the exterior, you should make sure its design matches the person’s style. The straps can come in all shapes and sizes, so you should try to find one that is sure to fit on your wrist. Again, the materials may vary, ranging from leather straps or metallic tones. This can be up to personal preference, however, the latter is generally considered more resistant than the former. Talking about resistance, if that watch is also water-resistant, that is definitely a fine addition. Nonetheless, the most important parts of a watch are without a doubt the mechanism and the display. A watch’s purpose is to be precise and look good, so that’s what you’re going for. It is a subtle fashion statement that comes in quite handy, even more so when it has the so-called “complications”, such as the days of the week, moon phases, and so on. You are guaranteed to make someone happy with a gift like this.

Irish sweaters

If you haven’t already bought one, then you just haven’t heard of them yet. These pieces of clothing are the most revolutionary and versatile jumpers you will see. Not only that, but the intricate history and significance behind their knitting patterns will make a good conversation subject for family gatherings, in order to draw attention from all the unnecessary drama caused by your least favorite aunt, or to stop your grandfather from discussing politics. But besides that, the Irish sweater (also known as an Aran sweater, since it originated from the Aran Islands, on the west coast of Ireland) is probably the coziest, comfiest, the most delicate garment you will have touched. Originally made for the fisherman of said islands, the pullover slowly made its way onto the mainland, and started being popularized worldwide. It is usually made from Merino wool and bestows warmth and elegance to the wearer. Should you wish to do some shopping for your loved ones, go to Tara Irish Clothing for men’s Irish wool sweaters and find the Irish sweater style you like.

A pair of shoes

This gift can be a tad sensitive, and it is recommended to be offered only if you know the person’s foot size prior to acquiring them. If you need a size guide, a do-it-at-home guide is available at https://www.wikihow.com/Find-Your-Shoe-Size. Again, just like with wristwatches, you need to match the person’s style with this gift. Whether they like something casual, fancy, or if they are truly neutral, there is a wide range of products to choose from. Sneakers, Chelsea boots, leather shoes, everybody needs a reliable, resilient pair of footwear. There isn’t necessarily a safe choice when it comes to this area, so it is 100% up to how familiar you are with the person. Shoes can get a little expensive, so it is considered quite the high-end gift, but it is definitely worth seeing the stunned expression on a loved one’s face after opening their unexpected present!