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v2food offering free food this World Earth Day


v2food is giving away thousands of free plant-based v2schnitzel burgers and v2nuggets at participating restaurants to mark World Earth Day (22 April).

“A reduction in meat consumption is essential if we are to meet climate targets,” says v2food founder and CEO Nick Hazell.

“We can all do our part to help our struggling planet; however, right now, we’re not doing enough. We have to change the way we view food. The most impactful thing we can do as individuals is eat more plant-based meals.”

Switching to a plant-based meat option, says v2, is one of the “most powerful, simple measures” Aussies can take to reduce the impact on our climate.

“If an Aussie family of four switched from beef to v2 bolognese, just once a week, they could save annual greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of driving their family car 15,000km,” says the company.

The latest range of v2schnitzel, v2tenders and v2nuggets is the company’s latest offering designed to create a sustainable global food system.

v2food is offering Aussies the opportunity to get their hands on free v2schnitzel burgers all day on Wednesday, 20 April (until sold out).

Free v2nuggets will also be up for grabs for two weeks from Friday, 22 April to Friday, 6 May with the purchase of any burgers at venues across Australia, including Soul Burger in Sydney, New York Minute in Melbourne, and 5 Boroughs in Brisbane.

“v2food is committed to addressing the global sustainability challenge of feeding an ever-growing global population,” says Mr Hazell.

“We are not asking every Aussie to become a vegan. Instead, we’re encouraging Aussies to switch to more plant-based meals. It is the most powerful individual choice you can make, even if only once a week.

“Helping preserve our planet doesn’t need to be hard work. By swapping out one beef burger for a v2burger patty, individuals are saving enough carbon emissions to charge their iPhone 11,883 times.

“That small dietary change is an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment. Eating sustainably doesn’t have to be boring. v2food doesn’t compromise on great taste, so Aussies can enjoy their favourite meals, while doing good for the planet.”

For the full list of participating restaurants, visit v2food.com/blog/Free-v2schnitzel-burgers-for-World-Earth-Day.


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