13/06/2024 7:33 PM


Piece of That Fashion

Vintage Candy opens shop in Lancaster city’s Cabbage Hill neighborhood | What’s in store

A small shop featuring old-fashioned candies sold individually and in bulk has opened in Lancaster City.

Vintage Candy has opened at 602 St. Joseph St., taking space in a corner building that was recently renovated. The selection at the 450-square-foot shop includes more than 200 different kinds of candies and novelties, including candy balls, jawbreakers, candy buttons, caramels, toffee, chocolates and mints.

Candy is sold individually, or by weight. Prices start at five cents. The shop also sells gift bags, has candy vending machines and sells cotton candy.

Vintage Candy is owned by Christine Gable, who owns Beech Tree Trading, which helps companies sell products online. Candies for the new shop are prepared and stored at the company’s warehouse.

Gable said she decided to open Vintage Candy after she started selling old-fashioned candies online and then determined she wanted to recreate an old-fashioned candy store. She furnished her shop with glass cabinetry and a register counter from a former general store in New Hampshire.


Vintage Candy has opened at 602 St. Joseph St. in Lancaster city’s Cabbage Hill neighborhood.