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Wella Elements haircare ⋆ Beauty Courier

Wella Elements haircare ⋆ Beauty Courier

I could test out this Wella Elements haircare line – shampoo and conditioner thanks to Buzzador.

The Wella Elements haircare line is formulated without silicones, sulfates, and animal-derived ingredients. The formulas are up to 99% natural origin.

Wella elements haircare

The shampoo is very mild and has a wonderful scent. It works nourishing for my scalp and is washing my hair properly from any build-up. The formula is enriched with aloe vera juice and argan oil. Any hair care maniac knows how precious those ingredients are. I am using the shampoo daily and I like it.

Wella Elements haircare

The conditioner has a very lightweight, creamy texture. On the ingredients list, we can find aloe vera juice, olive oil, and vitamin E. It makes my hair soft and frizz-free. Right after use, my hair looks healthy and shiny.

Overall I think that the Wella Elements conditioner and shampoo work well for my hair. I am enjoying using it. I am sure that I will buy some more products out of the Elements haircare line.

The Wella Elements products are available for example through the bol.com and prices vary from 15 to 20 euro.

Have you ever tried this haircare line? Let me know!

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