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What Type to  Wear a Fanny Pack for Men

Fanny packs are one of the latest accessories to re-emerge as a contemporary fashion trend. However, many men who like the look of fanny packs may not know what type of fanny pack to get or how to wear it. It is not a problem, though, as we have compiled some tips on choosing and wearing a fanny pack. However, before you purchase a fanny pack from any random retailer, you should look up their reviews on an online reviewing platform. For example, you could look up a Wayrates review to understand the company from a customer’s perspective. In addition, a review that you look at may be about a Fanny Pack for Men, which will only you.

What Type of Fanny Pack Should You Buy?

Since fanny packs are a trend, fashion brands and companies have released their interpretations of the fanny pack form factor. As a result, they are finding a fanny pack that suits your needs and style has become difficult. Thus, when looking for a fanny pack, you should consider its size, color, belt length, and shape. Regarding size and shape, some fanny packs aren’t even big enough for your phone, while others can carry a whole bottle and might even be too big. Furthermore, the color is vital as a bright, stand-out color like yellow could look great on a specific outfit, but it won’t look good on all clothes. Therefore, knowing a little about color theory is handy before you choose a color. Finally, the belt length is essential as some fanny packs may not fit your waist and will require an extender. Most retailers will provide information on each fanny pack’s belt length on their websites.

How to Wear Your Fanny Pack

There is a range of ways to wear your fanny pack. First, you could wear it the classical way – wrap the belt around your waist and let the fanny pack rest on your tummy. This style was popularised in the 1980s and is one of the most practical and discreet ways to wear a fanny pack. Alternatively, you could wear your fanny pack cross-body. To do this, wrap one arm of the belt over one of your shoulders and the other arm under the opposite shoulder so that the fanny pack rests on your chest. Apart from being trendy and contemporary, this look adds the benefit of extra security as your belongings are literally under your nose. Or you could switch it up and wear it cross-body, but with the fanny pack on your back instead of your chest. It’ll be kind of like a backpack but with the simplicity of a fanny pack. Finally, to add a personal touch to your fanny pack, you can customize it by adding enamel or acrylic pins, sewing on patches, or painting. If that’s too much effort, but you still want something custom, turn to colorful markers to draw on a fantastic pattern!