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Why Celebrities and Superstars Play The Lottery

Why Celebrities and Superstars Play The Lottery

Photo credit: The Sun

What about playing the lottery draws people from every social and geological demographic to play? Why do celebrities and superstars with more money than most can imagine lay down their cash for a slim chance at a big jackpot? There are plenty of stories on IrishLotto.info about people who have won the Irish lottery and what motivates them. You can click on this link to read some of these inspirational tales, and you can check live lottery results here as well. But, in this article, we will look at why players you may call unconventional play the lottery.

Wayne Rooney – Manchester United Mega Star

You don’t have to be a sports fan to know who superstar Wayne Rooney is. If you have ever heard of football, there is a good chance you have heard of Wayne Rooney. Rooney has an estimated income of £80m. As a matter of fact, his weekly wage is reported as £260k. Yet, this dedicated star never misses a lottery draw. Due to his busy life, he has a friend help him with the actual purchases. Of course, access is available around the clock if he chooses to use an online service to play.

Why does Rooney play the lottery? He just loves the game and the dream of hitting the big prize! It is not about the money. I guess you can say he plays for the sport.

Chris Singleton – NBA player

Rooney is not the only sportsman who made headlines for playing the lottery. NBA player Chris Singleton once bought $10,000 worth of MegaMillion tickets for a chance at hitting a record-winning prize. Singleton was not the winner, but he said he had no regrets for having played the game.

Simon Cowell - Entrepreneur

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Simon Cowell – Entrepreneur

Simon Cowell, Television Personality, Record Producer, and multi-millionaire entrepreneur, admits to regularly playing the lottery and claims to have won some good prizes! You may want to know why someone with a net worth of £39m would play the lottery. Cowell is a man of action. When he finds something that works, he puts continual effort into making it pay off. You are not likely to win big prizes by playing every now and then. But Cowell plays the same Lottery week after week. He knows playing the same lottery on a regular basis is the best way to win.

Hugh Jackson – Actor

Hugh Jackson, the actor that places Wolverine in Marvel’s Universe, has been known to buy significant numbers of lottery tickets. With a net worth of $280 million, he can afford to be generous. Jackson gives the tickets to his crew members as a way to help them bond and work together. This is a unique way to get your employees to work together.

Paris Hilton - American Media Personality

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Paris Hilton – American Media Personality

Paris Hilton is an American Media Personality, Businesswoman, and heiress of the famous Hilton Hotel chain. Hilton famously showed the world her sporty side when she bought tickets for the Powerball once it had reached record-breaking numbers. Hilton, who has a net worth of $300 million, was accused of attention-seeking when she made her purchase and announced that if she won, she would donate 10% of the winnings to charity. This shows that just because you have money doesn’t mean you don’t want more!

George Clooney – American Actor & Filmmaker

George Clooney is a famous star who has won multiple awards, which include:

  • British Academy Film Award
  • four Golden Globe Awards,
  • four Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • two Academy Awards

Clooney has been known for years as an actor who regularly plates lotteries. Unlike others, Clooney has said, if he ever hits the big jackpot, he will donate all of his winnings to charity. He loves to play and does so just for fun.

Madonna – Queen Of Pop

This superstar recording artist is usually referred to as the Queen of Pop. Madonna is famous for playing the lottery. She once won $130,000 and gave it all to charity. With an estimated $850 million net worth, she obviously doesn’t play for the money, so it has to be for fun.


People from every class of life play the lottery. This proves that the love of the game, the sport, and the thrills are just as pulling as the prize. Winning the lottery can change someone’s life, and in fact, it does. But, just because there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel doesn’t mean it pulls you in only if you need cash. Whether you are a blue-collar worker or a superstar, playing the lottery is something we enjoy. Maybe the love of the game is enough. Maybe, for some of us, playing is as much fun as winning. What other explanation can there be when millionaires and billionaires are reaching for the same goal as the rest of us?