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Woman-owned beauty empire makes Nevada home, brings employees with her


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A founder of a budding beauty empire said she moved her business from California for the opportunities for growth, as well as a better lifestyle for her family and her employees’ families.

Jeannie Chapman, CEO of Beauty Society, has dozens of employees and 16,000 “Beauty Advisors” who help sell her cosmetics, skincare and haircare line.

“We’re proud to be sulfate-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty free, definitely made in the USA right here in Las Vegas,” Chapman said, who is transitioning more of her manufacturing into the Las Vegas warehouse.

Chapman said in Los Angeles, the company hit their limit for expansion.

“In California, we were outgrowing our facility, It was 6,000 square feet. Here, we were able to actually purchase a facility, and it’s ten times larger than anything we had in California,” Chapman said.

To convince much-needed employees to move with her, she gave them an incentive they didn’t pass up.

“As soon as they realized that it was less expensive to live here, that was a plus. We were able to afford to give them incentives, financial incentives to come…down payments on their homes and moving expenses just to move into cool areas,” Chapman said.

“I want to take care of everyone that works here. It’s important to me that all my employees feel like they’re home, not on the job,” Chapman said.

Chapman shared advice for any woman with a vision for a business.

“A woman needs to find her passion. She has to be in love with what she wants to do. Turn that idea and what she wants to do into a financial opportunity,” Chapman said.

Opening a business is about purpose, according to Chapman. “If it’s about big money, it’s got to be about big purpose,” Chapman said.

The company hopes to have a total of 100 employees in their North Las Vegas warehouse.

For more information about Beauty Society, click here: Beauty Society


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