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Woman shares game-changing mascara hack that ‘lifts’ your face in seconds


A make-up lover has gone viral online after showcasing how the technique you use to apply mascara to your eyelashes can dramatically change the way you look in just a few seconds

Woman applying mascara
This mascara trick is so easy to do (stock photo)

When it comes to make-up, those who are skilled in applying it can transform their appearance in mere moments – using contour, highlighter and more to sculpt and change their features.

For those of us who aren’t so adept with beauty products, the idea of doing this might seem baffling.

But it turns out there’s a very easy way to make a big difference to your everyday make-up look – and all you need is some mascara to do it.

A beauty and fashion influencer on Instagram has shared a quick life hack for applying mascara to your eyes and how the method you use can dramatically alter the shape of your eye and in doing so appear to ‘lift’ your face.

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The woman, known only as Suzana, posts online under the username @makeupbysuziii and has garnered over 33,000 followers by sharing make-up tips and tricks.

In a recent video, Suzana can be seen applying mascara in various ways to each of her eyes, she captioned the post by writing: “Mascara can change your eye shape.”

On one eye, she does “full” mascara application, using the whole wand as normal across all of her lashes, which makes her eye look “round and open”.

On her other eye, she changes up the technique and angles her mascara wand to only apply the product to the outer corner of her lashes, in a sideways motion.

Suzana claims this gives a “natural eye life” and creates the fox eye look that many people desire.

The whole video lasts only a few seconds – who knew it was so easy to change up your look!

Hundreds of people have liked the influencer’s video, with some branding it “amazing”.

In the comments, Suzana also revealed which mascara she had used, in case you were curious, sharing that it was the Magic Mascara from Forever Gorgeous Cosmetics, which costs $10 or £7.79.

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