18/06/2024 8:37 AM


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Ye Gets Banned From Twitter – aGOODoutfit

Ye Gets Banned From Twitter – aGOODoutfit

It was a very wild day for Ye (formerly Kanye West) yesterday. From an ultra viral interview with Alex Jones on the controversial platform Info Wars to a series of wild tweets, Ye decided to start off the month of December with a bang.

Unfortunately for all the Ye fans out there, the day ended with what appears to be a permanent ban from Twitter.

Elon claims he banned Ye’s account for “inciting violence” but some people are confused on what exactly Ye said to incite violence on his Twitter profile. Many people point to the following photo:

Ye Twitter Inciting Violence

The photo appears to be a Swastika inside a Star of David. The symbol also represents the religion of Raëlism.

Ye Kanye West Raelism

Ye’s final tweet was the following:

Ye Kanye West last tweet