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14 Best Valentine’s Day Perfumes for 2021

This Valentine’s Day, we may not be able to go out for dinners and, for some, dressing up may not even be an option, but one thing that always lifts a mood is fragrances. What better way to celebrate than getting yourself (or a loved one) the best Valentine’s Day perfumes? 

The beauty of perfume is undeniable. Firstly, it can instantly boost our confidence and make us feel “put together,” even on days when we are just be lounging around the house. Secondly, certain smells have the power to transport us back to different times, places, and people – which comes in more than handy during a pandemic. And last but not least, when it comes to gifting, fragrance makes luxury attainable for many. During a holiday like Valentine’s Day, that’s an amazing feeling.

Fragrance is the gift that keeps on giving, a new aroma can last for months and you never know when something might become your new signature scent. From fresh floral scents to musky ones, there is a perfume for everyone out there, and that’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day perfumes below.

Be the bouquet of roses

Who wouldn’t want to smell like a bucket of roses during Valentine’s? Despite what many might think, floral scents are bold. The captivating whiff of light notes blended with complementing bases makes for feminine scents that leave a lasting impression. From Valentino’s Born in Roma to Kahh Spence’s unisex blend with a musk base, these floral fragrances will be worth adding to your collection.

Ditch the chocolates, smell sweet

Yummy! We can taste these scents all ready! Sweet fragrances aren’t for everyone. Yes, sometimes they can be overbearing, but these might win you over. These scents are warm with a sweet and sensual aroma. 

By their very names – Prada Candy, Tom Ford Lost Cherry… – you can already tell these scents are candy-like, but not in a sticky way. Sol de Janeiro’s fragrance takes after the brand’s other products featuring a warm hint of vanilla. Carolina Herrera’s sleek and iconic shoe bottle takes a different approach to sweetness with hints of fruity ingredients that leave a seductive aroma. These fragrances are basically telling us to ditch the chocolates this Valentine’s Day and get our sweets here instead and that’s actually not a bad idea.

A warm and woodsy aroma

Woodsy fragrances are ideal when looking for a signature scent. They’re balanced, warm, bold, and endearing. And, yes, they will leave a trail as you frolic through the streets. Even if you plan on having a more lowkey Valentine’s Day, these scents will carry through your home to set the perfect mood.

Maude’s fragrance isn’t your typical perfume: It’s a two in one gift, a candle and a massage oil. The candle burns into a moisturizing oil that can be poured onto your skin, the warm notes of the candle transfer directly onto you giving you an aroma that you probably thought only a perfume could give. Glossier’s all-time favorite perfume has similar warm notes and it’s topped off with a bit of spice. Diptique’s Tam Dao Eau De Parfum is just as potent as the brand’s candles, its velvety spice is an instant reminder of the woods with notes like sandalwood and cedar. If you’re feeling warm and spicy this holiday, don’t sleep on the woodsy scents!

So fresh and so clean!

When we say fresh, we mean crisp and clean scents. Yes, the ones that make you say, “Ahh,” as you feel instantly refreshed. Think cotton, clean linen, rainy days… If you are shopping for someone who isn’t really into perfume but still wants to join in on the fun or have a light signature scent, these are your holy grails.

Fresh fragrances are sophisticated and gentle – both Philosophy’s Pure Grace and Tiffany & Co.’s signature fragrance are the perfect examples. And it doesn’t get any fresher than Clean’s classic rain scent. While this one has fruity top notes, it’s a blend that rejuvenates and gives you that post-rain feel. Sounds like a relaxing Valentine’s Day to us!

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