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Piece of That Fashion

Bretman Rock says there shouldn’t be separate clothes for men, women

  • Bretman Rock told Insider on Tuesday that he wants to make an impact on the fashion industry.
  • He believes gender-specific clothing shouldn’t “be a thing.”
  • Rock also talked about his fashion inspiration and partnership with the shopping app Klarna.
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Bretman Rock is known around the world as a beauty influencer and social-media star — and now he’s ready to shake up the fashion world.

Speaking with Insider on Tuesday, Rock said he began shifting his focus away from the beauty industry — and its surplus of drama — in 2020. In doing so, according to the influencer, he’s been able to focus more on fashion, partnering with Stella McCartney, Paco Rabanne, and the shopping app Klarna within the past year.

In the future, however, Rock wants to take things even further.

“I really wanna switch up the gender labels of freakin’ fashion,” he told Insider. 

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Bretman Rock wearing Paco Rabanne on Tuesday.

Bretman Rock/Instagram

Bretman Rock says he wants to help make fashion more inclusive

When asked about what he hopes to bring to the fashion industry, Rock quickly pointed out his fluid sense of style.

“I don’t only wear men’s clothing — I actually have more women’s clothing than I do men’s,” Rock said. “I will wear a woman’s dress and a man’s pant with it, so I really wanna switch up the labels of freakin’ fashion.”

“Men’s clothing and women’s clothing shouldn’t even really be a thing,” he added. “I feel like it should just be f—— clothing, period. I wanna change the fashion industry by saying ‘f— you’ to gender norms and ‘f— your labels,’ to be honest.”

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That being said, Rock doesn’t plan on leaving the beauty space entirely.

“Beauty will always be a part of Bretman Rock,” the influencer told Insider. “I’ll always be wearing makeup. It’s not gonna ever stop.”

His own style is inspired by vintage fashion and modern trends on TikTok

Online, the influencer can be seen wearing everything from Balenciaga shirts with spiked hair, to quarantine-inspired fashion trends like tie-dye and Crocs. He’s even experimented with pastel suits and edgy corsets in recent months. Rock personally describes his style as “evolving.”

“A lot of my inspiration lately has been whatever I see on my TikTok for-you-page,” he said. “Pearl necklaces, vintage shopping and clothing — they’re really my style right now.”

To keep up with his changing style, Rock says he’s been doing a lot of online shopping lately — almost too much.

“I’m literally always shopping,” Rock said. “I get texts from my business manager sometimes and they’re like, ‘Girl, you need to calm down.’ So I use Klarna to make my payments less, and then I get in less trouble.”

Looking ahead, Rock has big plans for the rest of 2021

On February 2, Rock will star in his own MTV YouTube series that follows his life, family, and career throughout 2020. According to the influencer, he also has “so many other things” up his sleeve for 2021, though he’s tight-lipped on the specifics for now.