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How to Wear a Tweed Jacket This Winter

How to Wear a Tweed Jacket This Winter

Tweed jackets, as an element of women’s wardrobe, which Coco Chanel brought into fashion from the desire to equalize women with men in their rights to comfortable clothes, will probably never leave the list of fashion trends for the fall-winter season. Chanel was initially inspired by the sporty wardrobe of her boyfriend, the Duke of Westminster, when the first women’s tweed jacket was created by her. So it’s no surprise that the textured wool jacket has become synonymous with Chanel fashion house, along with the quilted chain bag and perfume N°5.

Chanel Tweed Jacket

This season, the tweed jacket is present not only in Chanel collections, but also at other brands that are trying to create their own variations of the notorious tweed from Chanel. As for the combinations with other elements of clothing, here you have several options — the first is denim, together with a simple white top or a T-shirt. Shoes can be anything from sneakers to stilettos. Secondly, it can be a denim jumpsuit or a suede skirt, combined with flat shoes. And finally, the third, evening option, can be a laconic dress made of textured knitwear, which will dilute the severity of the jacket with ease, and low heel shoes, such as slip-ons or loafers.

Chanel Tweed JacketChanel Tweed Jacket