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Meet the Bridal Experts | NAJO

Meet the Bridal Experts | NAJO

Luxury wedding and event venue Terrara House is located on the NSW South Coast and run by hospitality experts Dave Mills & Kristy Franks.  Living and working on the South Coast and engaged to be married next year, we sat down with Mills + Franks to get their top tips on how to plan a wedding.

Focus on what’s important to you both.

Mills + Franks – “Don’t get caught up in all the things that you think you need to have, or get distracted by what’s out there in the wedding industry or Pinterest. I think it’s really easy to get overwhelmed when you’re looking at so much. Do what is right and true to you both and try not to worry about anything else. Really make sure that you’re just focused on what’s important to you and how you want to celebrate.”

Enjoy the process.

Mills + Franks – “The process leading up to the wedding and being engaged in general is an experience in itself. Stay in your engagement bubble for a little while, as it is something that’s just as special as the wedding. It’s not just about the wedding, enjoy what the engagement means and enjoy every monumental step of the engagement process up until the wedding day.”

Always consider the menu when styling your tables.

Mills + Franks –When you’re having consultations with your wedding planner/stylist/florist, always consider the menu that you’ve chosen. Choose tablescapes that compliment the service style of your menu. For example, if going for a shared style menu, keep your centrepieces minimal to avoid having them being moved by the waiters, as this also slows service down.”

Don’t keep your guest seated for too long.

Mills + Franks – When everyone comes together for a wedding, people have made the effort from far and wide to come and be there, so you want to maximise yours and your guests’ time with each other. Avoid lengthy and any unnecessary speeches, and give your nominated speakers some parameters. Not everyone there will relate to your bridal party reminiscing of the ‘good old days’ – perhaps keep this for the hens and bucks celebrations. Focus on curating your run sheet that will have plenty of time to bring everyone together to mingle and connect, though ensuring there is time to be well fed (and topped up!) in between.” 

Consider your guest experience and have a wet weather plan.

Mills + Franks – If you have chosen a venue for the reasons of having the options for outdoor experiences, always ensure you check that there are sufficient wet weather options. Having a plan A and equally happy plan B will alleviate stress in the lead up, and on-the-day disappointment. If you have opted to have your ceremony offsite in an alternative location to your reception, be sure you have considered what guests are doing in that interim period of ceremony conclusion and reception commencement. There is nothing worse than that awkward lag between each moment, so providing suggestions for what your guests can do or see, or providing a hosted post ceremony reception, will keep those positive energetic vibes rolling through to your reception. When planning your wedding, it’s not just about the ceremony, it’s also not just about the reception, it’s about the whole day and everything in between.”


Beverages – don’t be a hero, ask for help.

Mills + Franks – We believe a drinks list must compliment your overall hospitality experience, one that suits your celebration style, guest list, food menu and taste preferences.

We have seen it time and time again where people waste a lot of money, run out, or have large quantities of product leftover because they haven’t asked for help or considered their guest list. That’s why we have now introduced our ‘Sommelier Service’ at Terrara House, where part of our couple’s journey includes working with our Creative Beverage Director (Dave Mills), who will curate a personalised beverage list for your event. 

BYO venues don’t necessarily mean ‘cheaper’. Take advantage of the service if your venue provides one, or seek support and advice from your wedding planner or hospitality professionals.

Terrara House is located in Nowra, on the NSW South Coast, two and half hours south of Sydney. NAJO customers are offered 10% off their accommodation when booking a wedding or event in 2023, please quote NAJO10 when booking at www.terrarahouse.com.

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