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Isaura M. League

Sterling Silver, gold and rose gold are beautiful in their own individual way, but when combined produce an breath-taking two-tone look. With an array of styles that can be worn for a variety occasions, the NAJO Mixed Metal Guide is here to help you decide between two-tone pieces such as the classic Rosy Glow Ring to the powerful Tumbaga Amarres Hoop Earrings. 


Sterling Silver & Gold

Complimenting the coolness of sterling silver, the warmth of buttery gold brightens and accentuates your look. The versatile Breeze Huggie Earring features highly polished silver on the back and gold on the front of the huggie, a classic huggie with a NAJO twist. Looking for something with an edge? The Tribute white Topaz collection not only feature sterling silver and gold, but also a hand beaten finish to textualize your look.  

Sterling Silver & Rose Gold 

With its pink hue, rose gold is a luxurious way to add a touch of elegance to your not just your evenings out, but for everyday wear. Paired with sterling silver creates a harmonious finish. The Rosy Glow Necklace is an understated yet contemporary design with Sterling silver encasing a dome of Rose Gold. If delicate chains are more your style, the Algonquin Necklace is a sterling silver chain with rose gold beads evenly placed along the length of the chain. 

We love that you’ve dropped by to learn more about our stunning Mixed Metal designs, crafted by artisans who share our passion for exquisite slow jewellery. Don’t forget, we love seeing how you wear your NAJO jewellery, so please tag @najojewellery in your Instagram posts! 

For information on how to look after your NAJO jewellery, visit our blog NAJO Guides | Jewellery Care.


November 03, 2022

Joanne Tory

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