Why You Should Buy Handmade Jewelry

Isaura M. League

There are different reasons for deciding to buy handmade jewelry, beyond merely aesthetic or opportunity. Being able to have a piece made by jewelers especially for you, will allow you to own a personal piece, perhaps a personalized jewel. In no case will there be another like it. Similar, it is possible, but not the same.

Why Buy Handmade Jewelry?

Infinite Possibilities:

The infinity of possibilities offered by making a jewel by hand makes it a great idea, for example, when making a different gift. A jewel made by hand is usually a reason for admiration, it can be adapted to the tastes of the person who wears unique handmade jewelry and in general, they are not expensive to maintain, beyond a routine cleaning to ensure that it always looks like the first day.


We can adapt the piece, not only to the tastes of its wearer, but also to the needs and demands of the moment in which it is going to be worn. Adapt it to a certain cleavage, to a specific complexion, depending on the shape of the face, hair color, age or the environment in which we are going to wear it. We can choose one piece or multiple of them, to match, depending on our tastes or needs. A matching necklace with earrings, a bracelet and a brooch all perfectly illustrate this reasoning.

Unique Pieces:

As we have previously mentioned, the main advantage or reason for acquiring personalized and handcrafted jewelry is the fact that they are unique. A jewel that is not mechanically produced and automatically has another charm. It is possible for a master jeweler to repeat the same pattern for a jewel countless times, but by executing a manual finishing of each one of them, it is impossible in itself that two are produced the same. For this reason, remember, if you wear for example a name necklace from our collections and your name is Janifer, it is possible that you share the same model with other janifer, but yours is unique and different.

Affordable Jewelry:

Handmade jewelry is affordable. Obviously dependent on the materials and gems used, the ‘Graff Pink’ (top photo) is a hand-cut 24.8-carat emerald-cut pink diamond that fetched approximately 34,000 at auction at Sotheby’s in 2010. 000 euros. But this is not the case, we always talk about jewelry that is used and enjoyable, not jewelry that goes from safe to safe and that is exceptionally shown to the public, from afar and while they are watching you.

The main reason for their affordability is that they are the result of the work of artisans who give quality to the product with their work and the good work of their hands compared to that of the jewels that are produced in series and are linked to famous designers or brands, For which we pay without corresponding, on many occasions, quality and price.

Online Jewelry

Another reason, more and more widespread, is the possibility of acquiring these products through the Internet. Online jewelry has democratized access to personalized jewelry. It allows the manufacturer to reach more users and allows them to access thousands of products automatically, safely and affordably. If you are unique and different, why not show yourself with that differential point that will give you a personalized jewel. 

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